Suhaagan 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish’s shocking move hurts Bindiya


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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Payal to sit on the sofa and not on the bed. She starts cleaning Payal’s injury and says you couldn’t bear any pain, then why did you take this painful decision and says three lives are affected and got pain in their lives. Payal says I have sacrificed for you and you…Bindiya says Krishna ji and you have given sacrifice, but see who is sacrificed…Bindiya. She says I loved you so much and I could have sacrifice 100 Krishna ji on you, if you had told me this during my 6th round, then I swear that I would have made you sit on my place for the marriage. She says I can sacrifice Krishna, but can’t sacrifice my Suhaag. She says I can give my life for my Suhaag, but can’t give my suhaag to you. Krish says our marriage is forced, neither I am your suhaag nor you are my suhaagan.

Bindiya says forced? I asked you, if you want to marry me or not, and you said yes. She says why you didn’t tell me then that you like Payal and not me, if you had told me then, then I wouldn’t have feel so much pain now, as we were strangers then. She says Payal is my sister and has sacrificed for me, but who was you to sacrifice Payal for me. She says you was nothing to me then? She says you didn’t love me then and now, and what was it, what you was doing for me, was making me see lovely dreams, had made me your friend and took me out, and sometimes you hanged my photos and was making me realize my love for you, you sang song for me, and sometimes you fought for me. She says if you had told me before, that don’t think this as love, but I am cheating with you. Krish says cheating. Bindiya asks why you was silent till yesterday, and says when you was silent till yesterday, then you shall be silent even today. She says I am wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of your name and nobody can take it. Krish says I am fed up of all this, and says court papers break the relations, and says one sided relation is not have any identity or aim. He says I have filled Payal’s maang, and this way she will be my suhaagan. He says you can hijack my room, but not my heart and me, I love Payal and has filled her maang with sindoor and has accepted her as my wife from my heart.

Payal says leave it Krish. Krish says today is Payal and my suhaag raat, nobody can raise fingers on us, after tonight, your illusion to be my suhaagan will break. He holds Payal’s hand and takes her with him. Payal acts to cry while going. Bindiya sits in shock and pain. Payal is smiling as Krish is taking her for the wedding night. Sakshi sees Krish taking Payal to the guest room. Payal tells herself that all her conspiracies are successful and now it will fulfill all her dreams, and congrats herself happily. She smiles as if she has snatched the jackpot. Krish takes the flower petals plates and closes the door. He then puts the flower petals on the bed, and says I will take out stupid Bindiya’s arrogance today, and will show her who is he? He says she will get all the answers in the morning and I will complete this incomplete marriage tonight. Payal thinks we will unite today, then everyone’s mouths will be closed, then Krish and his property will be mine.

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Sakshi comes running to Baldev and Indu’s room and tells them that Krish has taken Payal to guest room and has closed the room from inside. She says if he wants to celebrate wedding night with her. Baldev gets angry and tells that Bindiya got married to him in a proper way, but Krish wants to have wedding night with other girl. Indu tries to stop Baldev. Baldev says nobody shall come behind me. Krish lights the match stick and says why it is not lighting. Payal thinks to attract him and make him romantic. She acts as if she is feeling pain, and Krish runs to her.

Bindiya changes her saree and comes to the inhouse temple. Baldev sees her coming there holding the aarti plate. He says you are ready as the bride, and asks if there is anything special. Bindiya is teary eyes and tells him that there is Teej’s midnight puja. Baldev says someone said right, that Ganga don’t leave his purity even if the dirty water is thrown on it. He says you are doing this for your husband’s long life, but he has no chance to ruin your life.

He says I feel ashamed to say that he is with Payal. Bindiya says I know Babu ji. Babu ji says then also you are doing puja for him. Bindiya says he is not giving me my rights, but my place will not change and it is suhaagan’s duty to save her husband from the bad sights. Baldev says this way is difficult, how you will walk on it. Bindiya says I am habitual to burn my feet on the hot soil, and says I will walk on this difficult path and will reach my aim. She says if a father becomes real then the daughter will never lose. Krish blows on Payal’s injury. Payal says she is feeling pain, but it is not just the injury, I am hurt. Krish says everything will be fine. Payal says I always wanted Bindiya’s happiness and today I became her sautan.

Bindiya lights the diya and folds her hands before the God. Payal continues to act and says she has no right on this moment. Krish says I have filled your maang, and you are my wife. Payal says Bindiya said right that you are her suhaag. Krish gets upset and says I always regarded you as my wife with true heart and you are just my wife. Payal smiles after acting infront of him. She comes to him and hugs him, saying she is feeling guilty. Krishna asks why you are guilt, to love me or to sacrifice for your sister’s happiness. He asks her to fight for her rights and love. Payal says I can do anything for you and can fight with God for you. Krish holds her face.

Precap: Bindiya plays the shank. Krish and Payal say I love you to each other, and is about to celebrate wedding night with her, when Indu knocks on the door and asks Krish to see what happened to Baldev.