Suhaagan 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya tells Krish that she is his suhaagan


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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Ambe Maa, why did she do this with her. She says first I lost Maa, Papa, and now Krishna ji and Payal. She asks Ambe Maa to guide her and show her the right way, when Ambe Maa comes infront of her and asks her to find out the right way and walk on it. She smiles. Phoolmati tells dadi that damad ji might be bringing Bindiya home. Krish comes home alone. Everyone looks at him. Krish says I tried to bring her here, but she doesn’t want to see my face. He says just as I reached here, she left my hand and ran somewhere, and says then I tried to search her a lot, but couldn’t find her. Baldev says I will call Commissioner. He calls Commissioner and says there was an emergency. He goes. Payal comes to Krish and asks if Bindiya will be fine, and says see what happened due to your decision. Krish says Papa is talking to Commissioner, and I will go and search her. Dadi says it is my mistake, I should have kept you away from Bindiya. She says two people whom she used to love, has hurt her. She says Bindiya will not return, until Payal is here. She says you are habitual to sacrifice and asks her to leave from Bindiya’s life. She says I will throw you out. Krish gets worried, as Dadi is taking Payal out. Dadi pushes Payal and asks her to leave. Krish comes there and holds Payal’s hand. He says enough Dadi, I respect you, but that doesn’t mean that I will agree to your sayings. She says Payal is my wife now, and she will not go anywhere.

Baldev sits in shock. Krish runs to Baldev and asks him to apologize to him, and says I will not do any mistake now. He asks him to understand him, and says I want to live with Payal and not with Bindiya. He says I can’t imagine my life without Payal and loves her a lot. He takes Dadi’s stick and asks him to beat him, but don’t be silent. Indu asks Baldev to try to understand Krish. Baldev says Krish has to understand, and says if something happens to Bindiya and if she doesn’t return then I will not see his face till I die, and even he can see my face after I die. He asks Phoolmati to take Dadi to the room and says if she has any mental trouble in the age then there will be a problem. Phoolmati takes Dadi inside. Sakshi tells Vikram that they shall see what is going on between Mummy ji and Papa ji. Payal smiles and hugs Krish, and then acts to cry. She says I didn’t think even in my dream that everyone will be so sad, and says this has happened because of me. Krish says the reason is our true love and the true love has to go through many tests. Bindiya is returning home. Krish says think that this is our testing time and we need patience to win. Payal says I don’t have patience, I am getting breathless and asks him to say what will happen. He says everything will be fine. Bindiya enters the gate and sees Krish and Payal standing in the hall. Krish tells Payal that as far as he knows Bindiya, he is sure that her self respect is very dear to her, just when she calms down, she will accept the truth. Bindiya comes inside and says I have come Krishna ji. Krish and Payal look at her.

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Rose sees her and says Bindiya has come. Everyone comes there and sees Bindiya fine. Baldev thanks God for sending Bindiya safely. Payal runs to Bindiya and hugs her. She says Bindi, where did you go, I was scared and says I don’t know how to apologize to you, but forgive me. She says I don’t want to come between you both and that’s why got ready to marry someone else. She says don’t know what destiny wanted, and asks her to forgive her. Krish asks Payal not to say sorry, and says it is not your mistake, but it is my mistake, I should have told truth to Bindiya, but I did late. He says I want to apologize to her infront of everyone. He apologizes to her. Payal thinks stupid Bindiya will forgive Krish and will leave from here. She starts the countdown in her mind. Bindiya comes to Krish and recalls their marriage. Dil ko mere na samajh aaya….plays…..

Bindiya says you said right, you did so late, that you have changed my destiny lines. She says the time which had passed can’t return, so how you will bring that, and says the marriage relation can’t be wiped off. She asks how you will wipe it. Vikram asks what Bindiya is going to go. Sakshi says she is different today, don’t know what she is going to do. Bindiya says there is a big truth beyond other truth and it is that, I am your suhaagan. Baldev smiles.

Precap: Bindiya says I can sacrifice Krishna ji, but not my suhaag. Krish says after Payal and my suhaagraat, your illusion to be my suhaagan will break. Payal smirks as he takes her with him.