Suhaagan 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish and Bindiya pray to Ambe Maa


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The Episode starts with Bindiya running out of the house. Krish leaves Payal’s hand and runs away behind Bindiya. Payal gets upset. She starts acting and says I will die and can’t see my sister like this. She says she will burn herself and burns the ghatbandhan cloth. Vikram stops her and says there is so much problem already. Sakshi says if you are not done by lighting fire in your sister’s life. Bindiya recalls Krish’s words that he is the guy whom Payal used to love, and he never loved Bindiya, and is leaving this forced relation right here. Dadi asks Payal why is she crying now. Baldev worries for Bindiya. Nikku says Krish will bring Bindiya back. He goes to see him. Vikram asks Sakshi who will be called as Krish’s suhaagan. Sakshi says Mummy ji doesn’t like both Bindiya and Payal, and Krish has fallen down in Papa ji’s sight and asks him to see how she takes advantage in their favor. Baldev apologizes to Dadi on Krish’s behalf.

Bindiya falls on the road and recalls her marriage with Krish. Bheege naina song plays… She cries badly. A truck is about to hit her, but Krish comes there and saves Bindiya at the right time. He asks Bindiya, what you was doing, who sits on the road like this? He says if something happens to you, a big truck was coming. Bindiya says I would have died and asks why did you save me? She says you don’t love me. Krish says I don’t have love for you, but have sympathy for you. He asks her to come home. Bindiya asks him not to come to her, and runs from there. Krish runs behind her.

Indu tells Baldev, if he had not forced Krish then this wouldn’t have happened. He says Bindiya’s sister is more guilty than Krish, and says if she wanted then she would have gone away from here, but she was stuck with her jiju and Bindi like a gum. Payal falls on her feet and says if I wanted to snatch Krish, then why would I let her marry Krish. She talks about the sacrifice. Dadi says Bindiya has sacrificed for you all life, for your education and to feed us. She says she has sacrificed her childhood for you and us. She says once Bindiya returns, we will leave from here, with you. Baldev tells Indu that he will not leave Krish, if something happens to Bindiya.

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Bindiya comes to the temple and asks Ambe Maa to help her and show her the right way. She rings the temple bells and injures her hand. The blood falls in her hairline from her injured hand. Krish thinks Bindiya must be ringing the bell as she is devotee of Ambe Maa. Bindiya faints and falls down, and the flower decoration falls on her. Some ladies come there and ring the bell. Krish comes there and couldn’t see her. He asks where are you Bindiya, I am your guilty, but I want to tell you that I was in pain and sorrows, it was not easy for me to tell the truth. He apologizes and cries.

He turns to go, when the flowers move from her face. Krish says now Devi Maa can help me, and asks her not to keep him away from his true love, and make him meet her. He gain turns to go. Krish goes from there.

Precap: Krish tells Payal that Bindiya will accept the truth. Bindiya says there is a big truth that I am your suhaagan and I will not go from here. Krish and Payal are shocked.