Suhaagan 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rudra about to fill sindoor in Payal’s hairline, when Krish runs and stops him shocking everyone. Rudra looks at him. Krish pushes him and makes him fall. Vikram holds him. Krish then takes sindoor in his hand and fills Payal’s hairline shocking Bindiya and others. Payal closes her eyes as he applies sindoor in her hairline and sheds fake tears. Baldev shouts Krishna. Payal gets up. Rudra asks what did you do, if you don’t feel ashamed to fill your sister in law’s maang infront of your wife. He says I have brought baraat with my parents, and you got married to her. He says this man had problem on the first day itself. Krish asks him to see himself and says you are zero, and says I have enquired about your truth. Phoolmati tells Rose that Sautan started here. Rose says it is fun to see Rudra exposed. Krish tells that Rudra is a fraud, marries and blackmails the women. He tells whatever Payal’s hired woman told him. He says you will spent life in jail. Rudra asks what jail and says Payal was more excited to marry him, but she didn’t know that her jija will come infront. Krish says I will get you punished that you can’t marry for seven months. Rudra takes off the sehra and says thank you everyone for insulting me and asks his fake parents to come. Krish says you can’t go so easily and asks him to stop. He runs behind them. Bindiya comes infront of Krish. Payal smiles and continues her drama. She comes to Krish. Baldev asks what is all this? Krish says Rudra is cheap and was betraying Payal and all of us. He says let me go, I will get that criminal punished. Baldev says you have done a sin and tells that Payal knows about Rudra since 1 year. Krish says Payal doesn’t know about him. Baldev says why did you fill Payal’s maang when Bindiya is here, and you have done injustice with her. Krish says wrong thing have happened with Payal and me and says destiny has played such game with us, that we are here at this turn. Payal acts and pleads infront of him, not to tell anything. Krish says I have heard you enough and you have bear enough, now not anymore. Payal says I don’t want you to tell anything. Krish says how many sacrifices you will give for your sister, and says I can’t see you yearning for this, and no power of this world can stop me from telling the truth. He tells them that truth is that the guy whom Payal used to love, is not Rudra but me. Everyone is shocked. Krish says I am that guy, because of whom Payal went in depression. He says Payal is the girl whom I loved, and she is the only one whom I want to marry. Everyone is shocked. Baldev recalls Krish saying Payal will come here.

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Bindiya falls on Dadi in shock. Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose helps her get up. Sakshi says I know that something is brewing between them and this Payal is Krish’s college payal, but you didn’t believe me. She asks them to see the maha episode now. Vikram says we have never seen such a thing. Sakshi says elder sister wants to get her married, and the younger sister snatched her sister’s home and make it hers. Indu asks how can you say this? Krish says this is my Payal and I will love her till my last breathe. Dadi asks if you can’t love anyone else, then why did you marry Bindiya and ruined her life. She asks why did you betray her? Krish says I didn’t betray her, but ended the lie. He says I have freed her from this lie. Indu says if you had loved Payal then you would have refused to marry Bindiya. She says you got ready to marry her. Krish says Papa wants me to marry Bindiya and Payal wants to sacrifice for Bindiya. He says Papa and Payal both decided the same thing, and tells that he will not let anyone take his life decision, and that’s why he ends this forced relation right here.

Krish says he couldn’t live this fake life, as he never loved Bindiya and will never love her. Bindiya sits in shock again. Baldev is shocked and slaps him. He asks if you have gone mad, and did this with an innocent girl. He beats him. Indu stops Baldev and asks if this thing suits you. Baldev says my son has lowered my head with shame, if that suits him. He says Krish wanted to marry at the earliest and didn’t give us time to do it late. He says if the marriage was scheduled late, then the truth might have come out. He says you have done a big sin. Krish says I have loved just Payal and loving someone is not a sin. Phoolmati tells Rose that Payal has ruined her own sister’s home unlike Dayan who leaves 7 houses. Rose says now she is shedding fake tears. Krish tells Payal that he couldn’t bear the burden of a lie, Bindiya and this fake marriage. He says I said the truth and unburdened my heart.

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