Suhaagan 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal misbehaves with Baldev


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The Episode starts with Baldev telling his family members that they came here as if they came for party and not for puja. He says you didn’t bring the puja stuff. Krishna says he will go and get it. He comes to the puja shop and thinks what to take. He keeps some things and Bindiya keeps some things in the basket. Krish and Bindiya hold it together, but don’t see each other. Krish takes it and goes to his family. Bindiya prays to God for him. Krish comes and give basket to Sakshi. Krish waits for Payal and sees her coming. Baldev and his family ask Pandit ji to do puja. Indu asks him to bless Krish, but finds him missing from there. Bindiya holds her hand and tells her that she has brought shagun coin for her would be husband. Payal says I will go alone. Bindiya asks why? Krish thinks with whom Payal is talking to.

Vikram takes krish to Pandit ji. Baldev scolds him politely. Pandit ji gives him Mata ki chunari and asks him to give to his would be wife, and then they will have love like Radha and Krishna. Bindiya tells Payal that she will do puja and goes. Payal thinks she should have been an orphaned. Krish collides with Bindiya and the chunari falls on her head. He goes. Bindiya thinks who left this chunari to her. Krish asks Payal to meet him. Payal tells Bindiya that she can’t meet them. Sakshi tells Indu that they shall go home as she has called parlour girl at home. Indu tells Baldev that they shall go home. Baldev says ok. Krish asks what is the need to go now and tells that they shall have bhog first.

Krish and Vikram go to get bhog. Payal tells bindiya that she is living a dual life and tells that she told them that she is from Kanpur and is an orphan. Bindiya is shocked and says no relation can stand with lie. Payal tells her that she lied to protect herself first and then she met her love, and couldn’t tell him truth with the fear of losing him. Bindiya says it is not right to start new life on a basis of lie. Payal says she will tell truth later. Bindiya says I didn’t know that you will kill Dadi and me for this. Payal asks her not to spoil her day. Bindiya says she has never done it, and asks how did you do this with me always, this is not the first time that you refused to accept me as your sister. She says we can’t attend your marriage. Payal says they can attend as neighbors. Bindiya feels hurt.

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Payal asks her to go and says until you are here, I will be scared. Bindiya cries. Vikram asks Krish since when he became Krishna Bhakt. Krish says I am Radha Bhakt more. Vikram asks if you mean Papa’s favorite Bindiya. Payal collides with Baldev and starts scolding him for colliding with her. Baldev asks where is her manners? Payal asks if he left his manners with his shirt at home. Krish gets shocked to see Payal and Baldev arguing with each other. Baldev feels pity on her relatives. Payal says I don’t have relatives like you. Baldev says today’s generation don’t have any manners or values. Krish says Papa…come from here. Payal realizes that he is Krish’s father and regrets. He takes her from there. He talks to Payal and asks why did she do this? Payal says she met some Didi who was not leaving her. Krish says he will do something and next time, he will not identify her. Bindiya is upset. Payal thinks to cheer her with the candy floss.

Precap: Payal brings Bindiya to Baldev’s house to see his son. Bindiya sees Krish. Payal also looks at him.