Suhaagan 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Baldev learns about Bindiya’s helplessness


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The Episode starts with Bindiya telling Dadi that she left studies in her childhood and asks her not to worry, but now she can’t marry. Krish talks to Payal and asks her to act as cow, so innocent and good values girl so that his family approve her. He says all his family are cool, just Papa is old type. Payal asks him to leave everything on her. Vikram’s wife makes Indu’s hairstyle. Indu tells that baldev used to call her with heroine’s name, but now he used to get irritated with her. Vikram’s wife says you are even now beautiful. Indu says you are my beautician. Baldev comes there and asks Indu and Vikram’s wife to leave this room for him. Krish comes there and touches Indu’s feet. Baldev asks why he is buttering her? Krish says he came to talk about their marriage. Baldev gets upset and asks him to work first. Krish asks what happened, till yesterday he wanted him to marry. Baldev asks him to become something first.

Krish asks Baldev to see his choice. Baldev asks Indu to see how shamelessly he is talking? Krish says he wants his permission else would have got married and come. Baldev says I don’t want to argue and asks him not to threaten him to marry. He says he got headache and goes. Baldev asks Ishwar to get master ji’s number and says he will talk to him. Vikram tells Krish that he went to talk to Papa about him, but he scolded me. He says Papa doesn’t see Sakshi’s efforts. Krish appreciates his efforts and tells that he is Ballu’s son, and tells that he will marry the girl he loves and not Ballu’s choice.

Bindiya comes home and calls Dadi. Rose tells that she doesn’t know, Master ji came and took Dadi with him. Bindiya asks where? Rose says she doesn’t know. Baldev meets Dadi in Master ji’s house. Master ji’s wife says your car is big. Master ji asks her to go. Baldev asks if she knows about the alliance and asks what is bindiya’s helplessness. Dadi tells him everything. Baldev asks her to convince Bindiya and tells that he will bear all her responsibilities after the marriage. Dadi says if your son keeps her happy then I will talk to her. Baldev promises her. Bindiya comes to Master ji’s house and sees Ishwar sleeping in car. She sees Dadi and Baldev talking, and tells them that she doesn’t like whatever they were talking. Dadi asks Baldev to go and says she will talk to her. Baldev asks Bindiya to rethink and goes.

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Krish talks to Payal and asks her to come and impress her family, when they go for puja tomorrow. Baldev calls Krishna. Everyone comes to the hall. Krish’s friend leaves. Baldev stops Krish and says I want you to get married as you will become understanding and competent. Krish asks when to call. Baldev shows bindiya’s photo to Krish, but the latter throws it on the floor and breaks the phone’s screen. Krish says you want to spoil my life. Indu says my son will not marry that villager. Baldev reminds her that some village girl had saved him. Krish says he doesn’t remember that incident. He says he will not marry any illiterate girl and says she is not suitable to him in any way. Baldev says you are not suitable for him, nobody here is suitable for her. Indu asks if she is a diamond. Bakdev says the girl who has risked her life for a stranger, is a diamond.

Precap: Dadi tries to convince Bindiya. Bindiya calls Baldev. Krish picks the call and asks her to stay away from him, as his mental condition is bad. Payal tells Bindiya that she loves someone and if she doesn’t marry then will die. Bindiya is shocked.