Suhaagan 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 2nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya touching Krish’s feet and asks him to bless her. Krish asks if I am some baba to bless you. Bindiya says you are husband and Dadi says that husband is God. Krish says he is Krish. Bindiya asks him to bless her. Krish asks her to chill out. She says even you chill. She asks him to drink milk. He asks do you know why the milk is given to man on wedding night, so that the woman can control the man. She says in childhood, mother controls the boy and later on wife controls the man. Bindiya says I will not control you. Krish asks her to drink this milk. Bindiya drinks the milk. Krish says foolish. Bindiya smiles. She thinks to talk to him, and asks, do you know what Pallu says? Krish says he is not interested to hear what Pallu says. Bindiya says you are right, we shall talk about each other, and says I am mad to talk about Pallu. She asks him to ask something from her. He asks what did you think about tonight. Bindiya says that I will not let you sleep tonight. Krish laughs and asks her not to worry about his sleep or wake up time. Bindiya feels shy.

Phoolmati tells Amma that she don’t understand why Payal left in the night and says surely there is something wrong surely. She says I am not lighting the fire. Amma says this time you are not wrong, it is difficult to understand Payal and tells that only bindiya can handle her. Rose asks did you tell Bindiya. Dadi says she don’t want to make Bindiya worried.

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Bindiya sees Krish having pain in his head and rubs balm on his head. She says it is given by my Vaid ji and asks if his pain is gone. Krish murmurs you are the reason for my pain.

Vikram massages Sakshi’s shoulder and tells that he heard that whoever digs the land for someone, falls in the same pit. Sakshi says then you should have also fallen down. Sakshi says luck will not support her always and says tomorrow is her first rasoi, and I am ready to spoil it. He asks if you know the kitchen way. Sakshi says she will make a dangerous plan, and that Baldev will scold her very much.

Krish comes out of the bathroom. Bindiya keeps hand on her eyes. Sun saathiya mahiya plays……He comes near her and takes his kurta.

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