Suhaagan 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal calls Doctor to test Bindiya


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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Tulsi to be careful. Tulsi says yes Bindiya ji. She thinks she had darkness in her life, but Tulsi came as a ray of hope. A fb is shown, Dadi asks Bindiya not to be sad. Phoolmati says what Bindiya will do now, as all Shukla family have gone to one side and left Bindiya alone, and says Judge will listen to Bindiya or them? Rose says Bindiya will get divorce today itself, and she will lose her handsome husband. Phoolmati says rich too. Dadi asks them to be quiet and says Bindiya has kept Chhat fast and Ambe Maa will make everything fine. Just then Master ji comes there with his wife and bahu Tulsi. Dadi tells Bindiya about her. Tulsi faints. Bindiya holds her and they take her to hospital. Doctor tells that there is a complication in her pregnancy and that she shall abort the baby in 3-4 weeks. She asks Tulsi not to keep the fast. Tulsi says she will pray to the Goddess for her baby and her baby will be fine. Bindiya asks her not to worry and says she is fasting and will pray for her baby. She requests Doctor to give sometime and says baby can be fine. She says they will get the test done. Doctor says she will make the arrangements.

Bindiya takes her outside. Tulsi says how I will return your favor. Bindiya asks her to call her bindiya. She says Master ji had taught me in trees give fruits for others, rivers give water for others, cow gives milk for others, the humanly body is meant to do good deeds for others. She says we all shall help each other, else this life is waste. She asks her to be happy to become mother of a healthy baby.

Nurse asks them about the patient’s name. Just then Tulsi calls Bindiya and asks her to sit. Nurse says patient name is Bindiya and asks about husband’s name. Bindiya is about to tell Tulsi, but Dadi stops her and says husband name is Krishna shukla. She tells Bindiya that she shall use Tulsi’s pregnancy, and defeat Payal’s fake pregnancy. Sarpanch’s wife says just like Payal is using Nidhi’s pregnancy, Bindiya shall use Tulsi’s pregnancy. Bindiya refuses. Dadi asks her to defeat Payal and use all means for her rights. She asks Phoolmati not to leak the plan else she will send her to her sasural. Phoolmati says she is always on Bindiya’s side. Fb ends. Dadi asks Baldev why he is doing injustice with Bindiya, he believed Payal and not believing Bindiya. Phoolmati says Krish was after Bindiya and then when he got her, he ran behind Payal.

Indu says since their bad sight fall on us, we are ruined. She says she has dragged us in court. Kaka tells that what she would do, she was bearing your tortures. Indu asks what we had done with her. Bindiya starts the chhat puja as told by Master ji’s wife. Sarpanch tells that Bindiya is a treasure of good qualities, she is not illiterate. Indu says she had accepted her, but Bindiya made our house as wrestling ring. Bindiya says she is happy to know that she has accepted her as bahu and asks her to accept her baby also. Dadi says I know that you have many complains with our Bindiya, but this is the time to celebrate, and you are going to be Dadi, and new family member is going to come. Krish says nothing has happened between us, how many times shall I tell you and says Bindiya has planned this smartly. Bindiya says she has become victim of her own family member.

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Indu says we will not bear Bindiya’s lies and will not believe her. Dadi asks her to tell that all her family members are liars and tells that Sakshi told them that Bindiya and Krish stayed all night as husband and wife. Krish asks Sakshi to tell that she lied. Sakshi says I didn’t lie, I told what I saw with my eyes and asks Indu to say, what she thought she saw them. She says Bindiya was shouting and saying that her husband loves her a lot. Payal asks Bindiya not to lie. Bindiya says even you thought the same that our relation is made. Payal goes upset and goes. Krish is about to go, when Bindiya stops him. Krish asks her to move. Bindiya asks him to get ready to help her in chhat puja, as she has to make food for 25 people.

Krish refuses to help her and says who you are? Bindiya says I am your suhaagan and your would be baby’s mother also. Krish asks her not to talk nonsense and throws vase on the floor. Bindiya says chota babu will be scared. Krish asks Indu to make her leave from his sight. Payal comes there and says liar Bindiya will leave from here, such thing will happen that will expose her. She calls the doctor. Doctor comes there. Payal smirks. She asks Doctor to set up the ultrasound scan here. She tells that like Bindiya wanted the proof, even I want the proof. Bindiya, Dadi and others are shocked. Dadi tells that it is wrong to get the woman tested here in the open. Payal says Bindiya’s lie will be exposed now. Dadi says a woman shall not be humiliated this way. Payal says when Bindiya can humiliate me, then why can I humiliate her. Doctor begins the ultrasound, while all the ladies are standing. Bindiya gets worried and thinks what will happen now. Nurse tells that nothing is seen here. Bindiya is shocked. Payal smiles.

Precap: Payal coughs. Indu asks Doctor to check her and see if the baby is fine. Payal says you are worrying unnecessarily. The doctor begins the ultrasound, and Payal apologizes to Indu, saying she will tell her truth.