Suhaagan 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya shocks Shuklas with her pregnancy announcement


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The Episode starts with Indu asking Bindiya to leave. Pankaj closes the door, and tells Baldev that the court case is going on, if you people throw her out, then it matters, and tells that truth is that Bindiya is the bahu of the house. Krish says he doesn’t care and can’t let her stay here. Pankaj tells that he don’t want to get stuck in court matters. He asks Nidhi to decide, if she wants to stay here or get dragged in the case. Sakshi and Vikram says even they don’t want to be dragged in the case. Baldev says nobody will go anywhere, and not even this Bindiya. He says he didn’t listen to Krish, but believed Bindiya, now whenever the case hearing will happen, we all will go and give statement against Bindiya. He apologizes to Krish and tells that he is with him now, and with all the family. Payal smirks. Pankaj and Bindiya are shocked.

Next day, Krish talks to the lawyer and tells that he will reach court in 30 mins. He asks everyone to get ready. Payal comes downstairs fast. Indu asks her not to come there fast. Payal says she is happy for her babu’s babu. Indu gets happy. Krish asks where is Bindiya. They are about to leave for the court, when they hear the dhol sound. Sakshi asks Payal if she called any band or dhol people and says she should have waited to get rid of Bindiya. Payal says no. Indu says some beggars must have come. They come out and see Chirayya people with the band. Indu says Chirayya’s monkeys have come. Dadi says we have come to congratulate you for Shukla heir. Baldev asks did you come to congrats us for Payal’s baby. Dadi says Che..and tells that she didn’t come to wish them for illegitimate child, and tells that Payal is not their bahu in societal, cultural and legal ways, and tells that they have come to wish them for the heir from their real bahu Bindiya. They see Bindiya coming there in the Palanquin as the bride, with smile on her face. She gets down the palanquin and comes to Indu and Baldev. She is about to touch Indu’s feet.

Dadi stops her and says a pregnant woman shall not bend. Bindiya tells Indu that she shall bless her, as Shukla family heir is growing in her womb. Krish laughs and says I heard many jokes till now, but this joke is of next level. Bindiya says I am not joking. Krish says then you must be lying and calls her liar. He asks her to lie to such an extent which is digestible. Bindiya says she is not lying. Krish asks if you think me as foolish. Bindiya says no, you are going to be Baba soon and your Ms. Suhaagan as Maa. Payal says you have done high class drama of memory loss and now acting to be pregnant. Bindiya asks her to mend her ways, as she is going to be Mausi. Dadi asks her to stop interfering between Bindiya and krish and says Bindiya is having Shukla family heir. Krish says Payal is bearing the Shukla family heir and not Bindiya. Dadi says it is your life truth and shows then file. Phoolmati asks the dhol guys to play the dhol. Krish and Payal are shocked to see the reports. Payal shouts asking them to stop the dhol and calls Rose fat and asks why she is dancing. Phoolmati gets angry. Payal says you are flattering her. Indu asks guards to throw them out. Master ji says we will go ourselves.

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Krish tells that how it can be possible and they don’t have any relation. Dadi tells him that Sakshi told them that they were together on Dhanteras night, and we were happy. Krish says Bhabhi joked and you believed it. Krish tells that Bindiya herself had said that nothing happened between them. Bindiya says I didn’t say that, I just approve of your sayings. She says I was unconscious then and don’t know what had happened. She says when I saw these proofs, I was shocked. Krish says this is a white lie. Indu asks if case is going on here then you brought proof. Bindiya says your son believes on proofs. Pankaj says how can Doctor’s report be fake. Payal tells Krish that they shall go to court and tells that Bindiya’s lie will be proved in court. Lawyer calls Vikram and asks him to give call to Krish. Vikram gives call to Krish. Krish tells Lawyer that they are reaching court in sometime. Lawyer tells him something. Krish gets angry. He ends the call and tells Baldev that she is two steps ahead of us, and got the court date preponed in the name of Chhat fast. Dadi tells that Bindiya has kept Chhat fast, and the case proceedings would be tiring for her during fast. Baldev asks them to come inside. Bindiya holds a lady Tulsi as she is about to fall and says be careful. Tulsi says yes Bindiya.

Precap: Bindiya does Chhat Puja and asks God to protect Nidhi and Tulsi’s babies, and help her also. Krish sees Bindiya resting after the puja.