Suhaagan 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal gets kidnapped

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Suhaagan 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya telling Dadi that she will go near the PS and will sell tea. Dadi says how you will manage? Bindiya says she will manage. Phoolwati tells Bhim that they will do the work what they couldn’t do in the morning Bindiya tries to hear them. Phoolwati asks Bhim to keep their bed outside in the lawn. She says problem is solved and tells Dadi that she will go once they sleep. Payal searches for Rekha. Rekha is searching her and thinks where did she elope? Payal tries to recollect the way. Bindiya makes tea and asks Dadi to taste. Dadi tastes it and asks her to put some more sugar in it. She puts the tea in the kettle and puts flour ball in the tea outlet, so that it stays hot.

Madan asks Rekha how Payal is lost? Rekha says she is not born after learning to handle kids. She asks him if they shall take Police help. Madan says he don’t want to go to jail. Phoolwati and Bhim pretend to sleep, while Bindiya comes out with tea kettle and snacks. Phoolwati tries to see. Bindiya asks herself to have courage. Phoolwati sees her taking the tea kettle etc, and hears her saying that she is taking it to PS. Bindiya says how she will take it to the PS. She looks at her baba’s cycle.

Payal is walking on the road and asks Goddess to give her an idea. The kidnappers posing as Police fools her into believing that they are police officers. Payal sits in the car. Rekha tells Madan that nobody will know that Payal is lost until someone comes to know about it.

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The Police officer asks Bindiya why she is working as it is illegal, and asks her to call her parents. Bindiya tells her that her parents are not alive and her Dadi is on wheelchair. She tells everything. Inspector tells that he is letting her today to sell the tea, and asks her not to leave studies. He gives her money and tells that the tea is good.

Payal asks the lady when they will reach chiraiya. The lady says 10 mins. The men with the ladies see the Police check post and get afraid, they turn their car. Payal realizes they are kidnappers. She asks them to stop the car. They keep hand on her mouth. Bhim and Phoolwati come to Bindiya’s farm and pours kerosene oil. Phoolwati lights the match stick to burn the farm and says this is my last attack.

Episode ends.