Suhaagan 23rd June 2024 Written Episode Update: Swara falls for Vedant


Suhaagan 23rd June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vedant calling Swara and says you gave your number to me yesterday, but I forgot to give my number so called to give your number. He asks why you are not saying anything and then he recalls what Dhwani had said and tells that he knows her problem. He says he has her dupatta’s ghungroo which he has kept safely and asks if they can meet over coffee. Swara gets shy and ends the call. Vedant thinks someone might have come, and thinks his morning became good talking to her.

Swara asks Dhwani who gave my phone number to that guy. Dhwani says he was mad about her, after she danced so she gave her number to him. She says even your heart beat for him. Swara asks if you told him about my problem. Dhwani says yes, I told him that you can’t speak. She says it is a good start of her love story. Swara hugs her. Vedant messages her to meet him. Dhwani asks Swara to message him that she can’t meet today, some other day. Vedant is looking at Dhwani’s photo. Naina asks what happened to him. Vedant says something happened, you will not understand.

Swara hears Shlok coming and goes. Shlok comes and hugs Indu. He then meets everyone and hug them. Pankaj asks about the tender. Shlok says they got the tender. Baldev comes there and surprises Shlok telling him that Rudra Pratap is coming here for Shlok and Naina’s alliance. Indu asks about them. Baldev tells about them. Shlok says but today is Swara’s dance performance. Baldev says he will call and asks Rudra pratap to come some other day. Indu gets upset on Swara. Swara asks them not to cancel the meeting and tells that she will go to temple with Dhwani for the dance performance. Shlok and Baldev agree.

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In the temple, Swara dances infront of the God idol. Rudra Pratap comes there and sees her. He immediately identifies her. Swara then does the aarti. After the dance, Pandit ji praises Swara’s dance. Rudra Pratap asks her if she identified him and tells that she has saved his life. She remembers and nods her head. He says he wants her to be his bahu. She thinks of Vedant and runs from there. Rudra Pratap asks Pandit ji and he tells her about Swara being Baldev’s grand daughter. Rudra Pratap thanks God for giving him his bahu.

Episode ends.