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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Payal to live her happily with Krishna ji. She says it is my promise to you, I will not trouble you. She climbs on the stairs and is about to fall. Baldev shouts Bitiya…Song plays…Krish and Pankaj run to help her, but Bindiya stops Krish. Payal apologizes to Indu. Indu says this baby is not a mistake, but God’s gift and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on the baby. Sakshi says court case is going on. Indu says the heir is in Payal’s womb, and says everyone’s concentration will be on Payal and not on illiterate trouble Bindiya. Baldev shouts Indu and says Bindiya is leaving this house, doing a big sacrifice and asks her to take her name with respect. He says it is a limit. Bindiya calls Dadi and asks if she reached? Dadi says yes and asks her what happened? Bindiya says Krishna ji’s baby is in Payal’s womb. She says my suhaag fight is incomplete. She says I want to come back to Chirayya, and cries. Dadi is shocked. Bindiya cries.

Krish comes to Payal and hugs her. Payal asks if he is happy? Krish says yes. Payal says nobody seems to be happy with our lives’ biggest happiness. Baldev comes to Bindiya. Bindiya says my suhaag fight is incomplete. Baldev asks if you will stop fighting. Bindiya says she can’t do wrong with her enemy, and this is her Krishna ji’s baby. She says I will accept my bad luck, but how will I bear to see the baby away from his father. She says it is Ambe Maa’s wish who has taken the decision. Baldev says where you will go? Bindiya says I will go back to village and will be happy. Baldev breaks down and cries.

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Payal asks Krish if he will love them always. Krish says very much. Payal says she is very happy to be with him and the baby in his room. She says she will bring her stuff. Krish says I will get your stuff shift here. He goes. Payal asks if my fake baby is hungry? Nidhi comes to Payal and pushes her in her room. Krish asks the Servant to shift Payal in his room. He comes to Bindiya’s room and asks if she is inside.

Nidhi asks Payal, how dare she to use her pregnancy kit and became an important member of the family. Payal says I was coming to you. Nidhi recalls and a fb is shown, Payal comes out of the bathroom window and comes to her room. She messages Nidhi and asks her to come to her room. She then asks her to help her else she will expose her pregnancy. Nidhi helps her and tests herself again for her. Payal then shows Nidhi’s test kit again to the family. fb ends. Nidhi asks why you are doing this? Payal says leave it. Nidhi asks her to tell and says you was using me, rather than helping me and playing with my family’s emotions. Payal says even you are playing with their emotions, and says it is better if we both shall keep our mouths closed. Krish calls Bindiya and breaks the door. Payal and Nidhi hear him calling Bindiya. Krish gets inside the room and finds her unconscious in the room. Payal and Nidhi come there, and just looks on. Krish asks them to call the doctor. They rush Bindiya to hospital. Baldev says he will not leave anyone if something happens to Bindiya. Payal thinks what is Bindiya’s drama

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