Suhaagan 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update

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Bindiya says that Krishna doesn’t accept her as his wife. She says that only if he accepts her as his wife, then only she can remove his doubts . She takes out a mangalsutra and sindoor but Krishna says he wouldn’t put it on her. The lawyer tells him that he has to do it since she has right on these till they get a divorce. She asks Krishna to do it or else it might turn against him. Krishna is forced to put the mangalsutra on Bindiya’s neck. Payal stands there looking like a looser. Vikram says that who couldn’t have thought that such a woman working in the fields can be so strong and intelligent. The woman lawyer warns Krishna. She says that in these six months if he takes any other illegal step or tries to cause any harm to her, he would be jailed along with his family.

Bindiya tells her masterji to take away Payal . Payal tells that Bindiya must not even dare to touch her things. Krishna asks her not to dare enter his room. Bindiya says that this room belongs to her and Krishna and no one else doesn’t have any right in that room. Bindiya tells Krishna that if he disagrees with her, then she can ca her lawyer. Krishna asks if she is blackmailing her. Payal asks Bindiya not to touch her things so Bindiya asks her to come with her and pack her things on her own. Bindiya takes Payal to her room , holds her hand tightly and twists it. Being very annoyed at her , Payal starts screaming and trips.

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Phulmati and her sister wait for Payal’s embarrassment. Bindiya brings Payal’s luggage and says that they must bid her adieu now. Payal cries and tells Krishna that she doesn’t want to go along with these people since they would humiliate her. Krishna says that nothing like that would happen and she must trust him. He joins his hands and says to Bindiya’s villagers that he respects them alot so they must not intervene in this matter anymore and must not waste their time. Dadi says that they would leave but he has to promise something to her first. She asks him to promise that he wouldn’t hurt Bindiya. Krishna promises Dadi that he wouldn’t hurt her unless she does anything to force him to do that.

Bindiya asks Krishna with what right would Payal stay in this house for the next six months. She frees Payal from the pressure of being her sister. She says that if Payal stays in this house for the next six months as a sphinster then the society would point fingers on them. Baldev agrees with her and says that Payal can’t stay in this house. Vikram says that it’s better to play safe now since the police is involved in this now.

Baldev says that since it has become late in the night, Payal must leave the house next morning. Vikram says that Baldev is right and Sakshi also supports her. Payal starts her drama and cries. She asks Krishna to not do this with ehr since she can’t survive without him. She would doe without him. Episode ends.