Suhaagan 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Madan ruins Bindiya’s plan


Suhaagan 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya telling Dadi, how to meet the officer inpresence of Madan. Dadi says we don’t have phone also. Bindiya gets an idea to write letter to him. Dadi says studies is important and tells that you wanted to leave it. Bindiya says she had chosen family over studies. Dadi is thankful to Master ji for teaching studies to Bindiya. Amy asks Phoolmati to get her a pink cycle else she will not do her work. Phoolmati says I will bring cycle and asks don’t you trust me? Amy says can’t trust you seeing Nani and your relation. Bindiya is writing letter to the officer, and the pen stops working. Bindiya opens Payal’s bag and finds snacks etc. She thinks if she is lying to me. Next day Bindiya is going to drop Payal to school and confronts her. Payal asks how dare you to touch my bag. Bindiya says you have sold my bag. Kaki asks if everything is fine. Payal asks her not tom interfere and asks others to leave too. Amy is going from there and makes video call to Phoolmati, and shows the sisters’ fight. Bindiya asks Payal why she is misbehaving with elders. Phoolmati rejoices. Bindiya says she is hurt that she lied to her, and not because she sold the house. Payal demands Bindiya to give her phone. Bindiy asks why you need it. Phoolmati says you have given an addiction of phone to her. Payal goes. Phoolmati asks Amy to light the fire. Amy comes to Bindiya and says today you are looking mason and helpless, she laughs at her and goes. Bindiya cries and goes from there.

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She cries and says she never want to refuse anything to Payal. She recalls her mother’s words asking herself to fulfill all her responsibility. The farmer lady tells that everything is happening due to Bindiya, today she has fought with her mother. Bindiya tells them that she has written letter to the officer and asks them to sign, so that they get water. Kaka gives his thumb impression. Others too give their thumb impression on the papers. Bindiya is happy.

Payal comes to school and asks Pooja to get up from her place. Amy asks her to sit and asks Payal to search some other place for her. Payal sits on the back seat. Amy asks Pooja if she will come to Kanpur with her to celebrate her birthday. Pooja says she will ask her mother and will let her know. Amy asks if she has phone. Pooja says yes. Payal gets upset. Bindiya is looking inside from the window and sees officer reading the file. He then sees letter and is about to read, when he gets his wife’s call. Madan comes inside. He sees Bindiya running seeing him and snatches letter from the officer’s hand, saying his nephew has written this letter. He comes out infront of Bindiya and asks her to accept his sayings. He says you are 13 years and I am 40 years, and better than you. He says you will drown with the villagers and asks why you want to make their kids orphan like you. He throws the letter on the road and goes. Bindiya gets sad.

Episode ends.