Suhaagan 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya refuses the gifts sent by Indu

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Suhaagan 18th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya thinking she has gone mad, as she is in love. Hulchul Huyi song plays…..She imagines Krish and dances with him. Payal comes out of the house and sees Bindiya looking to the front and smiling. Payal thinks she has gone mad fully. She gets Nikku’s message and gets happy to know that Indu will talk to Baldev about the property. She feels pity on Bindiya and says Bindiya will make her regret why did she love, and tells that just as Krish gets the property, she will make a grand entry in Krish’s life. Later Payal gets ready. Rose says you always look beautiful. Payal says ofcourse. Rose asks Bindiya to show her face. Bindiya smiles. Rose tells Bindiya that she is looking very beautiful and has failed Payal in beauty. Payal gives irritated look. Bindiya says she is not looking herself in this clothes. Payal says she is looking good, and thinks only she will become Krish’s suhaagan. A big car comes there. Phoolmati says Baldev ji must have sent car for us. Driver brings shagun stuff. Phoolmati gets happy. Bindiya finds envelopes having notes in the envelopes. Driver gives call to Indu. Indu tells Dadi that last time they have given envelopes of 21 Rs each, and asks them to bring the envelopes and gifts which she has sent. Sakshi tells Indu that she has done right.

Dadi says how can this be possible, I have kept 2100 Rs each in every envelope. She ends the call. Bindiya says she knows who has done this, and asks Rose and phoolmati. Dadi gets upset with them. Rose and Phoolmati refuse. Bindiya says I will see you later. Dadi asks how to take their stuff to them. Bindiya asks driver to take all the stuff and tell them that she has sent it back with respect. Driver takes the stuff. Payal thinks what is this new drama? Dadi says Indu ji might break the alliance. Bindiya says this alliance happened seeing our status, and says we will go as per our standard. Payal thinks Bindiya has spoiled her plan.

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Indu tells Nikku that she had talked to his Mama, but he refused. She says a woman’s voice is shut always. Krish comes there and tells Indu that he is very happy. Baldev feels proud of Krishna and hugs him. Sakshi says again Krishna Krishna started, and says surely you are adopted child, as nobody cares for you. Driver brings the shagun back and says they have returned it. Baldev asks who?

Payal sees her childhood coming there and telling that she didn’t take any tension. She says you are in problem and can’t solve it. She asks her not to take tension and tells that Bindi loves you a lot and can do anything for you. The grown up Payal says Bindiya is in my hands, and just I want the property, I will cut Bindiya’s alliance. The little Payal tells that the marriage drama shall not stop, and tells that till then she shall keep patience. Baldev gets upset with Indu for disrespecting them and tells that Bindiya has increased her respect by returning the gifts and envelopes. Indu gets upset with Sakshi for her idea.

Bindiya talks to her parents’ pic and tells that she don’t want to start anything with a lie. Payal comes there and says Indu did this to higher their status. Bindiya asks if money is everything and tells that if the heart is pure, then anyone will like the person. Payal asks her to think how bad they must have felt. Bindiya says she will apologize to them and will also tell that it is not her ego, but her self esteem. Payal thinks she has handled her, but what is happening there.

Precap: Bindiya and Payal come to Krish’s house. Krish surprises Bindiya with their photos to upset Payal. He then dances with Bindiya.