Suhaagan 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal takes up Amma’s responsibility


Suhaagan 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Indu telling that it seems that Baldev ji came. Krish comes holding baldev’s hand, who comes holding Amma’s hand and Amma is holding Bindiya’s hand. Sakshi says they have come as railways. Payal asks Krish why did he bring Bindiya back? Krish asks her not to talk infront of Amma. He asks Amma to hear the song and makes her wear the ear plugs. Amma says song is coming. Krish signs Bindiya to make her sit. Bindiya makes Amma sit on the sofa. Krish comes to Payal and tells that I didn’t bring Bindiya home, but she has to come due to Amma. He says Bindiya has come to take care of Amma. Payal says I will take care of Amma and not this murderer. Baldev says you will take care of Amma, and tells that Amma dislikes you. Krish says Amma had attacked you twice and tells that just now you had miscarriage. Payal says when she is breathing and living even after losing her child, then she can take care of her dadi saas, and this murderer will not take care of her.

Bindiya asks her to stop calling her murderer and says I can’t kill anyone. Krish asks Payal to understand. Payal asks him to give her a chance, and tells that she can take care of her. Krish says my heart wrenches thinking about it. Payal insists of taking the responsibility. Krish asks Indu to make her understand. Payal says this is the matter of this family safety and happiness. She taunts Bindiya.

Baldev asks I don’t want to give this responsibility to everyone. Amma tells that she don’t want to hear the song. Indu asks Bindiya to take Amma to the room and says it is their family matter, and they will discuss. Bindiya tells Amma that like she climbed onto the bus, she had climbed the tent once. Amma feels thirsty and drinks the water (spiked water) kept by Payal. Payal tries to convince Indu and asks her to take chance. Indu says Bindiya will be kept as stand by. Baldev says my mother is not for experiment. Krish asks Baldev to agree thinking about Payal’s emotions and feelings. Amma falls asleep as soon as she drinks water. Bindiya is surprised but ignores her doubt. She makes her sleep and comes out of the room. Baldev tells Bindiya about their decision.

Bindiya says I stay here or not, but Payal can’t take care of Amma well. Payal comes there and tells that she will prove that she will take care of Amma well than anyone else. She goes inside closing the door. Bindiya asks Baldev not to worry and tells that she will keep mattress outside and will be here. Later Bindiya is sitting outside the room, when Bindiya hears Payal shouting. She asks Amma if she is fine and asks Payal to open the door.

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Krish and others come there. He asks Payal to open the door. Payal shouts again. Krish is about to break the door, when Payal comes out and tells that she has made Amma sleep. Krish says we have heard your scream and sees marks on her neck and hands. Payal says Amma had become aggressive, but she has handled her. Sakshi asks since when you have become responsible. Payal says if you love your family then becomes responsible and says you will not understand this. Sakshi looks on. Krish says he will do her bandage. Payal says she can’t leave Amma alone and asks him to send the first aid box. Bindiya insists to see Amma, but Payal doesn’t let her meet her.

Next morning, Bindiya knocks on the door and asks about Amma. Payal says Amma died last night and tells that you don’t need to stay here. She calls her beggar and tells her that she will show her value to her. She asks Indu to see what Bindiya is doing? Indu says Payal has taken care of her and asks her to leave. At the breakfast table, Indu tells everyone that Payal has handled Amma very well. Bindiya says I will make Amma have food, but Payal brings Amma there and makes her sit, says she will have food with her family. Bindiya looks at Amma, and thinks Amma is not smiling today even after getting so much ready.

Krish and Indu praises Payal. Bindiya sees Amma sitting like a Robot and asks if you are fine. Payal says she is fine. Bindiya says she is not fine. Indu asks what? Krish says Bindiya is habitual to find stain in the moon. Bindiya says how can Amma change overnight? Indu says Payal has made her ready and given her bath too. Bindiya says how can Amma’s behavior be changed. Payal says Amma attacked me and scratched me. She says you are saying as if I have done bad thing with Amma. Krish says Bindiya wants everyone to plead infront of her to stay back and tells her that she came here using Amma. Bindiya says I have come as you asked me. Krish asks her to leave the house and says there is no excuse and reason for you to stay here.

Precap: Krish tells Payal that she has broken their trust and says you are not right for Amma. He tells that Bindiya will take care of Amma.a Bindiya comes inside, while Payal gets out.