Suhaagan 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal burns in jealousy seeing Krish and Bindiya

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The Episode starts with Payal asking Bindiya what he was doing with her sister. Krish asks if your sister’s screw is loose. Bindiya says Payal worries for me a lot. Krish taunts Payal. Payal asks her to drive. Krish ties Bindiya’s seat belt. Bindiya thanks him. Payal gives the irritating look. Krish stops the car and asks if you will eat corn. Bindiya says yes. Krish says even he likes it and asks Payal to come if she wants. They come to the corn shop, and asks the seller to add lemon and chilli on it. Payal looks at them. He gives corn to Payal, but she refuses to eat it.He asks for her hobbies. Bindiya asks what? Payal says you act as villager sometimes. Krish tells that he doesn’t like anyone to call his would be wife as villager. He says he doesn’t have right on her yet. Bindiya says you have full right on me, and tells that she likes to climb on the tree in cold weather. She tells that she likes stapoo etc. Payal says you both can do it together. Bindiya says she likes to watch film and tells that her favorite film is Maine pyaar kiya. He says even me the same. Bindiya asks for his hobbies. Payal gets jealous and sits in the car. She message Nikku. Nikku asks Indu to name some property on Krish’s name and says if mama ji threw him out then he will survive, he stays like Prince, and I can’t see him struggling. He asks her to talk to Mama ji once.

Bindiya tells Krish that they will go from there. Krish says he will drop them home. Bindiya says our engagement is in the evening, and says you need to go home early. Krish praises her for thinking about him. They get down from the car. Bindiya tells him that she has forgotten to take his ring size. Krish asks her to wait, wraps her dupatta around his finger and asks her to tie it. He says now you got the perfect size and asks her to give it to Dadi. Payal says lets go. Krish praises Bindiya. Bindiya thanks him. Krish asks her to go. He waves her bye. Krish looks on.

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Indu asks did you see the bade Saheb? Baldev says I am here and asks her to say what is the matter? Indu takes him to side and says you always think me wrong. She tells that she wants him to name some property on Krish’s name. Baldev asks why she is talking about it. He doesn’t agree. Sakshi tells Indu that they might be get insulted infront of guests and tells that don’t know what shagun they will give them.

Bindiya tells Payal that Krish finds goodness in her. She tells that she feels that she loves him. Payal walks towards her to suffocate her neck, but it is her imagination. Bindiya goes on telling that she can do anything for him now, and tells that she will fulfill this relation till her last breath. Payal says you will fulfill it, if I let you. They are walking. Bindiya says they shall wait for sometime. Payal says she will go.

Precap: Bindiya imagines dancing with Krish. Payal thinks she will make her regret loving him.