Suhaagan 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya falls in love with Krish

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The Episode starts with Payal thinking she has just 4 days. Krish sends Bindiya and his photo to her. She calls Nikku and says she wants to meet him right now. Bindiya tells Dadi that Payal is worried about the studies. Payal comes to the restaurant and tells that she can’t move on. Nikku comes there and asks why she is not telling Krish. He says you are sacrificing for your sister. Payal tells him that she can stay without the luxuries, but Krish stays like Prince, how we will survive if we get married. She says Krish is moving on slowly. Nikku says Krish just loves you. Payal says I love him too, and asks him not to tell him, and says if he comes to know about my love then he will leave his family and property and will come to me. She asks him to be with Krish always. Nikku thinks I thought wrong about you before, but you are worried for his happiness. Payal thinks she just cares for her own happiness and you are thinking me wrong now. She then thinks to come to the point, and asks him to talk to Krish’s mother to name property on his name. She says she don’t want his father to blackmail him again, as the matter is about her sister now. Nikku says I will talk to Mami.

Dadi tells Bindiya that Indu called her to buy clothes and jewellery. Bindiya says she don’t want. Dadi says it is shagun. Bindiya says how I will go alone. Payal says I will come with you. Dadi asks them to bring Krish’s ring size. They come to Baldev’s house. Sakshi asks her to try the bridal dress and lock the door. Bindiya tries the dress. She hears Krish talking to the watchman and giving him money to pay for his daughter’s fees. Payal asks Sakshi about Nikku. Sakshi says he didn’t come.

Bindiya comes out to the hall. Sakshi laughs seeing her. Indu asks her to choose the dress fast. Baldev comes and asks her to take her own time. Bindiya says this seems to be costly. Payal tells Bindiya to take anything and says you don’t have to pay. Baldev looks at her. Payal asks her to take green color dress as it is her favorite. Krish comes there and asks why Payal will wear your favorite color dress, and tells that they will choose the dress. They choose the same dress. Payal is irked. Baldev says you are made for each other. Payal says lets go, as they will miss the bus. Krish says he will drop Bindiya in his car. Payal asks her to change the dress and come. She goes and sits on the front seat. Krish asks her to get up. Bindiya says I will sit on the back seat. Krish says only Bindiya will sit with me and asks her to sit on the back side. Payal says ok. She thinks later on, this seat and you…both will be mine. Krish thinks when you are having problem to leave the seat, then how you will leave the life partner’s seat. Payal thinks he is doing this to test her patience. Bindiya sits on the front seat. Krish looks at Payal while driving the car. He plays the song pehla nasha. Bindiya says it is her favorite. Krish says it is my favorite too. Payal says it is boring. She plays the other song, tum mere ho…Bindiya says the song is not good. Krish changes the song, ek taraf hai ghar wali plays…Krish says they shall not hear any song. Suddenly a puppy comes infront of the car. Bindiya shouts Krishna ji. Krish puts the sudden break and keep his hand on Bindiya’s forehead so that she don’t get hurt. He gets near Bindiya to ties her seat belt. Payal shouts Stop. Krish asks what happened? Bindiya also asks her.

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Precap: Bindiya tells Payal that Krish is good and searches goodness in me. She says I feel that I love him. Payal gets angry and grabs her neck shocking Bindiya.