Suhaagan 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish decides to divorce Bindiya


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The Episode starts with Krish asking Baldev to take rest and come out for aarti only. He says you have to agree to my sayings. Bindiya signs ok to Baldev. Baldev agrees. Krish tells Baldev that he will do the puja with all the rituals. He looks angrily at bindiya and takes baldev from there, to his room. Baldev asks why he is in anger and asks if there is any problem. Krish says the trouble will be gone now. He asks Servant to take care of him and goes. Baldev prays to Bappa. Bindiya asks Payal to tell whatever happened with her. Krish says stop this drama. He comes to Bindiya and Payal and pushes Bindiya and makes her fall. Bindiya gets teary eyes. He says don’t touch her, and says truth is that, you are not sister, but enemy and I came to know how much poison you have in your heart for Payal. He says I have heard with my ears. Indu asks how did you hear? Krish says Payal called me mistakenly and then I came to know this innocent looking Bindiya is very cunning from within and says if that call was not dialed by mistake then I would have never known about it. He praises Payal to bear everything alone. Bindiya recalls Payal hiding the phone to make him hear everything, and then how she acted to cry.

Payal acts and asks Krish to divorce her and solve all the problem. Krish says I will end all the problem from its roots, and says I will divorce, but not you..I will divorce bindiya. Everyone is shocked. He says I know that Papa’s choice is Bindiya and he regards her as his bahu, and today I told my decision to everyone and you all shall decide, whom you support, my love or Papa’s arrogance. Indu says I am fed up of both sisters, since they came here, the drama is not ending. She says but she will support Krish for his happiness. Sakshi tells that she will support Krish. They all leave Bindiya alone. Pandit ji comes there.

Indu takes Bindiya to side and says now I have accepted Krish’s choice as choti bahu, and that’s why Payal will do Ganapati Puja and not you. Bindiya says but Babu ji said. Indu says you have used him much and tells that he will not come before aarti. She asks Payal to go and get ready. Payal smirks and goes happy. Bindiya goes from there. Baldev asks the Servant to bring tea for him. Servant says I can’t leave you alone. Baldev asks if I will get lost in this room. He thinks Krish might take any wrong decision, and says I shall go and talk to Bindiya. Bindiya comes there, takes his file and set his bed. Baldev asks what happened? Bindiya asks if you need anything. Baldev asks if Krishna told you something. Bindiya recalls Krish’s words. Baldev says I feel that it is Payal’s new drama, whatever happened today. He asks what you feel.

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Pandit ji asks Payal to keep the things in the puja plate. Payal doesn’t know anything and is about to keep the kalash. Pandit ji asks her to keep the particular ingredient in the plate. Sakshi says she doesn’t know anything. Indu thinks it seems puja will happen in afternoon. He thinks Bindiya might take Papa in her control. He asks Pandit ji to keep the things himself and goes to Baldev’s room angrily. Baldev asks Bindiya if Krish has done something. Krish comes there and says Bindiya you are here, and Papa….He says if you wanted to talk then you should have lied down on the bed and talked. He then scolds Bindiya for making him stand.

Baldev asks Krish what was happening outside, and says when I asked Bindiya, she didn’t tell me anything. He says something wrong is happening. Krish says everything is fine. He asks why did you get down from the bed and asks him to sit. He says everything is fine, and asks him to chill. Baldev asks Bindiya, if everything is fine. Bindiya says yes. Krish says Pandit ji has come and is making arrangements of the puja. Baldev asks Bindiya to go and get ready for puja, and asks Krish to get ready as well. He asks Krish to give his hand and asks Bindiya to give her hand also. Bindiya gives her hand. Baldev gives her hand in Krish’s hand. Baldev says I had done mannat that bindiya and you will do the puja together. Krish is about to take back his hand, but stops as Baldev coughs. Bindiya promises Baldev that they will fulfill his mannat and will do the puja together. Krish looks angrily.

Precap: Payal tells Bindiya that she got another right of Krish’s wife and will do puja with him. Bindiya tells that Krish will do puja with her, as he has promised babu ji and that she is his suhaagan. She comes and sits with Krish for the puja. Krish gets angry and look at Bindiya.