Suhaagan 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal acts infront of Krish


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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Payal why she is beating the plate. Payal says she wants to wake her up as she was sleeping, so that she can break her fast. Bindiya says when I can keep the fast in this situation, then I can wake up to break it too as per the rituals. Payal thinks I will make you die hungry, but will not let your fast broken by Krish. Later in her room, she says she has hurt her beautiful face, and says don’t know what more I have to do for Krish. She sees Indu going and thinks she must be going to Baldev. She applies make up under her eye and dries her lips, and says sometimes I have to apply the make up and sometimes have to take it out. She then mess up with her hair style and lie down on the floor as if she has fainted. Krish comes there and sees her on the floor. He asks what happened to you. Payal acts and tells that she has kept fast for him. He asks her to drink water and end the fast. He says I know that you have kept this fast for me, though you had taken Rudra’s name. Payal says this is my first Teej, and I want to complete it with all the rituals.

Krish asks what happened to you, you was not religious before. Payal says she was not her suhaagan before also. She turns and smiles victoriously. Krish pulls her closer and hugs her, asking her to do as she wants, and open her fast with the rituals. He asks her to get ready. Payal goes to get ready. Bindiya is already ready and decorates the inhouse temple with flowers and rangoli. Krish asks Payal to come ready, and asks if you are not hungry. Payal comes there. Krish gets mesmerized seeing her. She says sorry Krish, I couldn’t wear clothes and jewellery as a married wife, and tells that she can’t wear those jewellery. Krish says she is best in this look. Payal says if people might think that our relation is fake like the jewellery. Krish says our relation will be real, just as Papa gets fine. Payal provokes him to buy jewellery for her. Krish says she is so selfless and pure. She says I love you and hugs him. She asks about Baldev. Krish says Papa is fine and he is in his room. He says once he is fine, I will make everything fine and asks her to come with him. Bindiya gets her plate ready and starts doing Ambe Maa’s aarti. Payal thinks my fast will be opened with Krish’s hands, even if you do puja. Bindiya asks Ambe Maa to bless her so that she can open the fast with Krishna ji’s hands.

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Krish is bringing Payal downstairs, when he sees Baldev coming and hides with her. He asks her to wait in the room and says he will pray infront of goddess for them. He says he don’t want to take risk with Papa’s life. Payal says she don’t want any carelessness to happen, and thinks her plan will be ruined. She sees Bindiya, Indu and Sakshi doing the goddess aarti. Bindiya turns and sees Baldev there. She asks why did you come here, Doctor asked you to rest. Baldev says it is your first fast and Indu has to break her fast, I am tired of resting. They take the aarti. Baldev and Indu bless Bindiya. Bindiya looks at Krish. Krish thinks he will not take aarti and prasad from Bindiya’s hand. He asks Indu why did you bring Papa here? Indu says he was getting stubborn like a child. Bindiya goes to Krish and touches his feet, but he moves back. Baldev looks at them.

Baldev tells Krishna that he shall believe in the customs, if not rituals. Krish takes the aarti. Bindiya then bends down to touch his feet. Krish moves back and says I don’t like it or believe it. Vikram and Sakshi smiles. Bindiya again bends down to touch his feet. He moves back. Bindiya again bends down to touch his feet. He moves back again. Bindiya walks towards him and he walks backwards and stops standing near the wall. Bindiya bends down and touches the feet. She says you trust or not, but I am moving forward with all the trust and belief and says when a suhaagan takes her step, then even God gives up infront of her.

Sakshi tells Vikam that thank god, she is rid of puja, and asks Indu if she would like to have smoothie. Indu says yes. Bindiya says but fast is broken with prasad. Baldev and Vikram break their wives fast. Bindiya waits for Krish to break her fast.

Precap: Bindiya tells Payal that after Ganapati ji’s visarjan, she will send her from here, else her name can be changed. Payal tells that she will snatch her suhaag and will throw her out of the house.