Suhaagan 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal gets angry seeing Krish and Bindiya


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The Episode starts with Krish coming to Baldev’s room. Baldev asks Bindiya to give him water. Krish asks did you have medicine? Bindiya brings water. Krish asks Baldev if he needs something then shall tell him. Bindiya thinks she shall leave them alone, so that their relation can get better. She tells Baldev that she will bring water and goes taking the jug. Krish falls down on Baldev’s feet and tells that he loves him a lot and can’t bear his ignorance. He apologizes and cries. He says I will not let anything happen to you. Baldev asks if you heard about Mrig trishna?

Payal sees bindiya going out of Baldev’s room, thinks it is good that she went out, now I have to impress the old man, and Krish shall think that I am so concerned for him. She rubs her eyes, and thinks why tears are not coming from my eyes, if the tank is over while shedding fake tears. She rubs her eyes more to get fake tears.

Krish asks Mrig trishna? Baldev tells that the deer can feel the smell of kasturi, but searches it in the corners of the jungle, but couldn’t understand from where its smell is coming, when the kasturi is in its navel. Payal is about to go inside, Bindiya stops her and takes her away from there. Payal asks what is this behavior? Bindiya says Krishna ji asked you not to go inside, then why you was going inside. Payal says until I will apologize to him, I will be restless. Bindiya says you will be not understanding your place in the house. Payal says you don’t worry about that. Bindiya asks her to stay away from babu ji as she cares for his health. She goes. Payal says she doesn’t care for the old man’s health, and says she knows what to do now to place in the house and get the rights. She says I will not be distracted anymore. Baldev says even you are roaming like that Deer insearch of kasturi, when the precious and good fragrance kasturi is with you. Krish says I didn’t understand. Baldev says it is your problem, you couldn’t understand the good things and good persons when they are infront of you. Bindiya comes there. Baldev asks her to come.

Indu tells Sakshi that one sister is Neem and other is Kerela. Sakshi says one is Papa ji’s choice and other is Krish’s choice and asks whom she will choose. Payal comes there. Indu asks why did you come here? Payal says I have come to apologize to you Mummy ji, and says I know that you are very hurt and tells that I have admired you from day 1, and wants to become like you, but I have hurt my ideal. She says I didn’t know that Krish will do this, and says he can’t hurt anyone even in dream, and can’t hurt you as he loves you a lot. Sakshi understands her cleverness. Payal says I shall be punished, but not Krish. She says she wants to apologize to them. Sakshi says Papa ji is unwell, and Mummy ji is here disturbed, and asks her to go. Payal says she wants to leave, but Krish stopped her, and says she don’t want him to take any wrong step. Indu asks her to do as Krish says, and says you might like me, but I don’t like you. She says my son would have got more good girl than you and your sister. She says I love my son very much and can accept anyone for my son’s happiness, even you, but for me, my husband’s health matters to me, and I am not in a position to take a decision. She says I will think about forgiving you or not when Baldev gets fine, and until then you shall stay in guest room. Payal goes from there.

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Krish checks Baldev’s temperature and says thank god, it is normal. Baldev asks Krish to go. Krish says I will be with you. Baldev asks Bindiya to go and rest, and says Krish is with me. Bindiya is massaging his feet. Bindiya says it is said that when a woman while fasting if sleeps, then she becomes python in next birth, she says she will rest after breaking the fast. Baldev laughs aloud. Bindiya signs him to stop laughing. Baldev coughs. Krish asks if you are fine? Baldev asks for water. Krish makes him drink water and asks him to rest. Baldev rests on the bed while Krish and Bindiya press his hands and feet respectively. Krish feels sleepy. Payal waits for Krish to come to the guest rom. Krish sleeps resting his head on Baldev’s legs. Payal thinks it seems the old man didn’t sleep till yet. Bindiya thinks it is time to break the fast, and thinks she shall leave. Krish turns and rests on her lap. Bindiya looks at him. Payal sees krish sleeping resting his head on Bindiya’s lap, and says what the hell? She thinks my illusion is breaking. Bindiya checks the time, it is 4:45 am. Krish wakes up hearing the bell. He says who is doing this. Bindiya says I will go and see, and asks Krish to be with Babu ji. She goes out and sees Payal hitting on the plates. She asks why she is making the sound? Payal accuses Bindiya for trying to snatch her Krish, and says this house, Krish and the luxuries are mine, I am Mrs. Krish Shukla and throws her out of the house. It turns out to be her imagination. Bindiya asks her to stop making noise.

Precap: Krish breaks bindiya’s fast shocking Payal.