Suhaagan 11th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Swara urges Shlok to get engaged to Naina


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The Episode starts with Rudra telling that Abhimanyu and Swara will get engaged, Abhimanyu will marry Swara. Swara and Shlok are shocked. Abhi asks Rudra what are saying, how can I do this? Jagdish says you shall give your life for Bhaiyya, but here the matter is about the alliance. Shlok asks if the joke is going on here, then if not Vedant then Abhimanyu. Vrinda asks Abhi to agree for Naina’s sake. Shlok asks what do you think about my sister, if her emotions are of stone. He says he had come here to get her engaged to Vedant. Swara tries to stop Shlok and shakes up her bangles. Manju asks Rudra not to ruin Abhi’s life. Rudra asks Manju not to interfere in his decisions. Indu asks whom you will bring, if Abhimanyu also escapes on the marriage day. Rudra says he is just giving the solution for the problem, which arised because of his waste son. Swara tries to stop Shlok and breaks the vase to gain his attention.

Koel gives 40 lakhs to Dhwani and says you have taken the right decision. Dhwani says I always take the right decision, and says he is at the railway station, and asks her to say as I told you, so that he gets hurt and convinces to get engaged to Swara. Koel says you are very sharp and thinks Vedant will throw her like taking off her nail. She goes. Dhwani thinks whoever Vedant gets engaged, but he will marry just me, Dhwani. She says until then she will listen to Koel. She thinks to apply the perfume else she will smell Vedant’s perfume.

Shlok asks what happened Swara. Swara signs and Shlok says Swara is saying that no relation is build by force but by love, and says it is not easy for any girl if her would be husband leave her, and she gets engaged to someone else. She says she will wait for Vedant ji, and says it is my badluck that he left me and if he returns then it is my destiny. She comes to Rudra and signs that she can’t get engaged to anyone else, please don’t force me as relations are not made in helplessness, but it will be a compromise. Rudra blesses her. Dhwani comes there and asks Swara if she came late, and asks her to show the engagement ring. Swara takes Shlok to the stage and asks him to get engaged to Naina. She calls Dhwani. Dhwani says Swara is asking you to get engaged to Naina. Shlok says I can’t marry the girl whose brother has betrayed my sister. Indu says he is right. Swara signs and Dhwani says that even you are doing the same, even you are breaking Naina’s heart. She asks if the mistake will become good. She then keeps hand Shlok’s hand on her head and gives him swear asking him not to break his alliance with Naina. Shlok says Swara….Naina hugs Swara and cries. Everyone looks on.

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Naina thanks Swara and says to tell you the truth, I never saw such a good person till now. Indu says Baldev ji…your grand duaghter shall get national award for it, and you shall be humiliated to watch all this, which already happened. She says when Swara’s alliance haven’t happened, then why Shlok will marry Naina. Baldev asks Indu not to take decision in a hurry. Indu says why to accept second hand. Swara signs and Dhwani says that she will not let her brother’s alliance break for whatsoever reason. Indu says you have taken the decision. She gets upset and says do whatever you want. Swara signs. Dhwani says make arrangements for engagement. Vedant is standing at the railway station and waiting for Dhwani. Koel comes there and asks if he is waiting for Dhwani. Vedant asks how do you know? Koel says a mother finds their children, and says your Dhwani told me that you are here. Vedant says why Dhwani will do this? Koel says you don’t know what she can do, and she is so greedy and can do anything. She says Dhwani told me that you wanted to elope from here and had brought train tickets too. She says history is the witness and says whom we trust a lot, breaks our trust. Vedant asks why Dhwani will do this?

Koel says Dhwani wants money and left you. She says Dhwani has reached for the engagement. Swara asks Shlok to make Naina wear the ring, if he wants her happiness, and asks what is Naina’s mistake for whatever Vedant has done with me, it is not a justice. She gives ring to Shlok. Vedant doesn’t believe Koel. Koel says she leaves guests and came here. Vedant says Dhwani is a good girl. Koel says she is greedy about money. Vedant says she is not greedy about money. Koel says she has seen her mother washing the utensils since her childhood, and that’s why she might want to get money. She asks him to call Dhwani. He calls her and Dhwani rejects his call. Koel says Swara is a nice girl and loves you. She says your Papa has selected diamond for you, she will make your life good. She asks him to come home. Vedant looks on.

Episode ends.