Suhaagan 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Baldev feigns heart attack to help Bindiya


Suhaagan 10th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya playing the shank in the inhouse temple for her puja. She then folds her hands infront of Ambe Maa. Payal tells Krish that since she saw him for the first time, she is weaving the dream of marriage and wedding night with him. Krish asks what you thought that even you have seen this dream, and says even I have seen this dream since years. She says I love you Krish. He says not like this. He lifts her ghunghat/veil and tries to get closer to her. She runs away. Krish comes near her and is about to kiss her. Song plays….Krish comes to her while she is on the bed and moves veil from her face. Tere Ishq song plays……He is about to kiss her, when Indu knocks on the door. Krish opens the door. Indu cries and asks Krish to see what happened to her Papa. They rush Baldev to the hospital. Doctor comes out after checking him. Krish asks Doctor if Papa is fine and says he was fine till yesterday. Doctor says he is in trauma, he got a mild attack and asks him to keep him away from the stress. Indu asks Krish not to do any drama and says we couldn’t digest your second marriage and you prepared for the wedding night. Sakshi says if anything had happened to Papa. Krish says nothing will happen to Papa and says it was my mistake. Bindiya says we shall take care of Babu ji, just as Doctor said, and we shall make sure that nothing shall happen to him. Indu cries and says she has kept Teej fast for him.

Krish tries to pacify Indu. Payal thinks why did the old man get heart attack now, he should have got it after my wedding night. Nurse comes there and says patient is calling Bindiya. Bindiya goes to Baldev and asks him to have medicine. Baldev throws the medicine and smiles. They smile. A fb is shown, Bindiya tells baldev that if a father becomes the friend and supporter then even Mahabharat fight can happen. Baldev says I can do anything for your happiness and asks what to do? Bindiya shares her plan. Baldev appreciates her plan and tells that he will act on the plan. Fb ends. Bindiya says I am feeling bad seeing you here. Baldev says I have to just act for few days. He asks if he liked his acting. Bindiya says like super star. Baldev asks if you can win from Krishna ji. Bindiya says I don’t have to win from him, but has to win him and if your hand is on my head then I will win surely. Baldev says my head is on your head always.

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Nurse comes and tells that others can meet patient too. Everyone rushes there. Indu cries seeing him. Krish asks Baldev if he is fine and asks if he needs anything. Baldev acts and says I don’t want anything, you people shall worry about me. Vikram says if anything happens to you, then our house will be shattered. Sakshi says we will get your best treatment and says they shall take the second opinion. Baldev panics and tells that he don’t want to be treated by some other doctor then Dr. Saxena, and that he wants to go home now.

Indu asks Krish and others to go and rest. Baldev says Indu…you are also tired and asks her to trust. He asks her to leave Bindiya and says he knows that she will take good care of her. Indu asks if you don’t trust me? He says not more than Bindiya. Indu looks angrily at bindiya. Payal smiles. Krish asks Indu to do as Papa says, and takes her out.

Krish tells Indu that Papa has done enough, he couldn’t see anyone other than Bindiya. He says he will make him fine and asks Indu to rest. Sakshi takes Indu from thee. Payal comes to Krish and starts acting, saying I will come with you, as I am responsible for Uncle’s condition. She acts to cry and says I am ready to bear the punishment and will leave from the house. Krish asks her not to think all this, and come with him now. They are about to go to room, when they see Bindiya taking the food plate.

Bindiya reminds Krish that Doctor asked them to keep babu ji away from stress and says if he sees pallu then he will be stressful. Krish asks her not to teach him. Bindiya says your wish. Krish tells Payal that Papa’s condition is weak, and that’s why she shall stay away from Papa. Payal says nothing is important to me than him.

Precap: Krish tells Payal that he will break her Teej fast today. Bindiya tells Krish that until he breaks her fast, it will not break. Krish makes her drink water. Payal sees him breaking Bindiya’s fast and gets angry.