Sofia Hayat comes out in support of Rakhi Sawant amidst personal struggles

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Sofia Hayat comes out in support of Rakhi Sawant amidst personal struggles

Amidst the challenges in her personal life, Rakhi Sawant has found a supportive ally in Sofia Hayat. In a recent interview, Sofia talked about getting in touch with Rakhi, who recently returned from her pilgrimage to Umrah.

Expressing Concern for Rakhi, Sofia stated, “I reached out to Rakhi after watching her emotional videos from Mecca during her Umrah journey. I was genuinely worried about her well-being. Having personally experienced challenging relationships, I empathize with what she is going through. During my own Hajj pilgrimage, my ex-partner Vlad subjected me to physical harm, much like Adil, who Rakhi has faced. Both Vlad and Adil were deceitful and self-serving individuals in their respective relationships.”

Praising Rakhi’s Courage, Sofia, who has embarked on a spiritual path, elaborated, “Mecca is a profoundly sacred place with historical ties to paganism, the divine feminine, and the revered black stone, resembling a Shiv lingam. Goddess Isis, an Egyptian deity, once graced this land, representing a powerful feminine force. The divine Mother, akin to Shakti in Shiva, resonates within these ancient energies, eliciting authentic emotions in individuals. Rakhi experienced this transformation, and I hope she found solace in Mecca, shedding the negative energies imposed by Adil. Rakhi’s honesty and bravery in sharing her truth are commendable. Many women endure similar hardships, often concealed. Rakhi’s strength lies in her willingness to express her true feelings, liberating herself from negativity. Adil caused her immense pain, but in Mecca, she seeks healing with the aid of the divine. She is resilient and will triumph. Tears don’t weaken a person; they make one stronger.”

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For those unfamiliar with Sofia’s history, she married Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu on April 24, 2017. However, within a year of marriage, Sofia publicly disclosed how Vlad had deceived her, sharing her experiences in extensive social media posts.

Throughout various challenges in Rakhi’s life, Sofia has consistently provided unwavering support, whether during her previous marriage with Ritesh or the loss of her mother.