Shubharambh 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani Threatens Gunvant


Shubharambh 4th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Kirtida brings the parsad to Rani and says I appealed to God for Raja, I need useful for everybody right now. Rani figures I will bring her fact out, she says God needs terrible for awful individuals and useful for good individuals.

Raja sees Mehul sitting with Divya and conversing with a Guru. Divya says disclose to us when Mehul will get a separation so we can wed? Raja hears it and is stunned.

Rani imagines that I disclosed to Gunvant I will make the shop papers however in what capacity will I bring Kirtida’s fact out? She discovers Guddi there and takes a bloom from her. She figures I should meet a legal counselor.

Raja goes to his room and is strained. He thinks would it be advisable for me to converse with Jharna or not? Rani is in considerations as well. Raja asks what was the deal? Rani says how would you know what’s set in stone? Raja says in the event that we are doing useful for somebody, at that point don’t think before doing it. Rani grins and thinks I have an answer.

Scene 2

In the first part of the day, Rani is setting off to the legal advisor. She sees Gunvant’s medical attendant outside the house. The medical attendant calls somebody and says I have done my demonstration and took the cash. Rani gets her out yet the medical caretaker flees. Rani follows her and gets her before she can leave. Rani asks who gave you this cash? I will call the police. The medical attendant says Gunvant gave me this cash to lie about his legs, he doesn’t have any loss of motion, he is thoroughly fine. Rani is stunned and released her.

Raja meets Divya and shows her Jharna, he says Jharna is a decent young lady, Mehul deceived you. I am sorry for his benefit. Divya cries and says he cheated Jharna and me, I will converse with him. Raja says don’t tell my family about it. Divya gestures and leaves.

Rani is strolling out and about and says it implies Gunvant was tricking everybody, Raja accepts him as a God. I was tailing him as well, she requests that God show her the way. She sees a rope there and gets a thought.

Rani comes to Gunvant and says I went to mandir and got this hallowed rope for you, the cleric said it will make you walk once more. She limits his options firmly and puts the music. She bolts his entryway and says you need to murder yourself right? I have lamp oil. She ties the opposite finish of the rope to the entryway.

PRECAP-Rani pours lamp fuel around the room and discharge encompasses Gunvant. He gets frightened and runs off. Raja is stunned to see that.