Shubharambh 30th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Gunvant Shows His Other Side To Raja


Shubharambh 30th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Rani reveals to Raja that she can’t see Asha, she asks Darshna however she says that Asha was accompanying you all. Raja calls her however she doesn’t get. Rani says I am concerned. The minister begins the pooja. Raja is stressed and attempts to call Gunvant, he doesn’t tune in so Raja raises his voice and says Asha didn’t reach here. Gunvant says we will see after the pooja, wouldn’t you be able to see this is significant. Rani is stunned and says how might he say that? He isn’t concerned for Asha. Hitank comes to Raja, he says Asha can’t and she can’t up the call. Hitank says we should look for her. Raja gestures and goes. Hitank takes a gander at Gunvant and says why he is acting this way?

Utsav attaches Asha to the seat, she is oblivious. Rani’s dad is jabbering in his alcoholic state. Rani calls Utsav and inquires as to whether all is well? He says I am attempting. Asha awakens so Utsav parts of the bargains grins at her. Asha is stunned and attempts to yell. Utsav says I am unfortunately I need to do it, he takes her video. Asha cries and scowls at him.

Raja is running and searching for Asha.

Scene 2

Gunvant is occupied in doing the pooja. Hitank is stressed for Asha.

Rani and Raja go to the house and search for Asha. Raja gets a call. It’s Utsav, he talks like a hijacker and says I have your mom. I need 10 lacs and in the event that you do anything, at that point I won’t extra her. He parts of the bargains. Raja is stunned and says Asha is being seized, we need 10 lacs. Rani says what will we do? How about we converse with Gunvant.

The cleric reveals to Gunvant that we need to hold up 10 minutes before you can sit on the head seat.

Utsav calls Raja and requests that he orchestrate the cash in a short time in any case his mom.. Raja says no and runs fo the shop.

Gunvant sits in the gauging machine. Hitank and Mehul give garments for him. Raja runs there and doesn’t enter the shop. Raja shouts for Gunvant and says somebody has captured Asha and they need 10 lacs in a short time. All are stunned. Raja says we need to organize the cash, she can be in a difficult situation. Gunvant says to utilize your brain, who might grab Asha? my reign is beginning in a short time so quit upsetting me and let me do my pooja. Raja is stunned and thinks what befallen him? Rani figures now he will comprehend.

PRECAP-Hitank discloses to Gunvant that Asha may be at serious risk so we need to accomplish something. Gunvant yells I couldn’t care less in the event that anybody lives or passes on. Raja is stunned and sees Asha’s video on his telephone. He breaks his guarantee and enters the shop. He takes the shop keys from that point.