Shubharambh 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja Signs The Shop Papers


Shubharambh 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Raja tells Hitank that you are the owner of this shop too. He asks Phupha to tell what he has to do to give the shop to Gunvant. Phupha gives him the stamp paper and asks him to write his statement. Rani tries to stop him but Raja says I have decided this, you are a wife of a person who doesn’t have anything so you can leave now. Rani tries to stop him and tries to pull the pen away but Raja grabs her hand and signs the papers. Rani is shocked. Gunvant smirks seeing his sign. Rani cries looking at Gunvant and Kirtida. Phupha says Gunvant is the owner now, I have seen people fighting over the property but Raja has created an example. Kirtida hugs Raja and says even my sons wouldn’t have done it, you have saved this family, all should learn from you. She tells Asha that your son has a big heart. Asha thinks I feel tensed about his decision. Raja asks Rani to think about herself now, her husband doesn’t have anything, she will just get good food and clothes. You can stay here but I am not the owner of anything now. He leaves from there. Rani recalls their moments together and cries. Rani thinks that I will not lose hope soon.

Scene 2
Asha sits with Raja. Raja says I don’t trust anyone other than Gunvant. Asha says we can trust him easily. She hugs him and tries to calm down.

Mehul dances. Jharna thinks that Raja is a fool. Mehul gets a call from the blackmailer that she needs mangalsutra of his wife. He is shocked. He sees Jharna taking a bath and hides her mangalsutra. Jharna comes out and asks what he is doing?

Rani comes to Phupha’s room and tries to talk but he shuts his door on her face.

Mehul tells his wife that I will gift you another mangalsutra, better than this. Jharna says I love you. Mehul leaves. Divya calls Jharna and says your husband took your mangalsutra right? Jharna says how do you know? Divya says I am Mehul’s girlfriend Divya, he lied that he was forced to marry you, I fell in love but then I realized that he was trapping us both. Jharna says I know your type of girls, you trap rich people. I know my Mehul loves me a lot so don’t lie to me. Divya says I knew you wouldn’t accept but Mehul is bringing the mangalsutra to me, you will see the truth yourself. She ends the call. Jharna looks on.

Rani brings tea for Phupha. He says why don’t you leave this house? Rani says I just need your 2 minutes please. He says no and leaves.
Phupha calls his manager and says I am leaving today from here. Rani comes to him and blocks his path. He says what is this? Rani says I don’t have a choice. Just listen to me. Phupha says you are shameless. Rani says please, let me talk to you. You need to know that. Phupa says I don’t trust you, get lost. Rani begs and says please.. please.. He says you have 2 minutes.