Shrimad Ramayan 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Vibhishan tries hard to convince Kumbhkaran

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The Episode starts with Kumbhkaran apologizing to Raavan and taking his blessings. Raavan asks him to go and win. Kumbhkaran says just wait for the good news, I will keep your and Lanka’s respect, this battle and Ram will end today. Raavan blesses him. Kumbhkaran leaves. Everyone chants his name. Sugreev asks why is the ground shaking. Vibhishan says it’s the footsteps, I think Raavan has awakened Kumbhkaran before his 6 months sleep completed. Ram says Raavan has invited his destruction, Kumbhkaran isn’t immortal now. Vibhishan says your plan worked, but Kumbhkaran is a big threat, he can end this battle in one day if he wants. Kumbhkaran sees Sita and leaves. Meghnad is inside the cave. It gets shaken. He says Kumbhkaran awakened before time. The lady says Kumbhkaran is entering the battle field, now you will get news of Ram’s death, this battle will end today. Sita says I can see Ram’s strength, Kumbhkaran will never return. Kumbhkaran attacks the vanar sena. They try to run. He says I will kill you all. Angad asks the soldiers not to run away, they are Ram’s army, they are strong, they shall fight the enemy. Kumbhkaran hits Angad. Ram worries. Hanuman holds Angad. Laxman asks why are we waiting, we will put him to sleep forever. Vibhishan says no, Kumbhkaran is my brother, I know him, he is with Raavan but he has no sin in his heart, permit me to explain him, he knows the diff between Dharm and Adharm. Laxman says he is attacking at this time, he is angry, he might attack you. Vibhishan says no, he loves me a lot, he won’t do anything to me. Ram says Vibhishan is right, we have to end Adharm, Kumbhkaran should get a chance. He asks Vibhishan to give a chance to Kumbhkaran and save him from doing injustice. Vibhishan goes. The demons come to attack. Ram saves Laxman. They all fight. Vibhishan goes to Kumbhkaran. He asks won’t you give me a chance to talk, we are brothers though on different paths. Kumbhkaran takes him on his hand. He says I didn’t think that you will become a traitor, you have backstabbed Raavan and broke Lanka’s trust. Vibhishan says it wasn’t my decision, but destiny, Raavan insulted me, I asked him to return Sita to Ram and save Lanka, he didn’t listen to me, I joined Ram who is on the path of Dharm. Kumbhkaran says you should have come to me, why did you go to Ram, why did you not leave Raavan when he has saved your life, you should have kept a brother’s duty first, you think Ram is Narayan, just because he has bribed you with Lanka throne.

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Vibhishan says you are angry, you know, I m not greedy, I also want Raavan’s good, if you are against Adharm, then why this battle. Kumbhkaran says I would be with you if you stayed in Lanka and opposed Raavan but you have joined the enemies, you are cheating us, I m dedicated to Lanka and Raavan. Vibhishan says try to understand me, I m on the path of Dharm, Ram is Narayan, Sita is Devi Lakshmi avatar. Kumbhkaran says Raavan is my Lord, we had no identity without Lankesh, I have no knowledge and big dreams, my life is indebted to Raavan, I will become Raavan’s shield, I will fight you and Ram. Vibhishan says I don’t want any Rajya or throne, take my life if you want, but come towards Dharm, Raavan will realize his mistake and he will follow Ram. Kumbhkaran says you want to make Raavan bow down to a human, the world will remember you as a traitor, you cheated Raavan. Vibhishan says I accept this insult. Kumbhkaran says Devtas have done partiality with us, you have devotion for them, you forgot our Rakshas power, we are Lord, go and tell Ram and Laxman to be ready, they are facing Kumbhkaran, I wish to kill you, but you are Raavan’s culprit, he will decide about you, get out. He leaves Vibhishan on the ground.

Ram and Laxman continue the battle. Hanuman stops Kumbhkaran and chants Ram’s name. He says I m not Vibhishan to explain you always, I will attack. Kumbhkaran asks will you attack me, you are a little vanar. Hanuman takes a huge avatar to fight Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran asks who are you. Hanuman says I m Kesari Nandan, Pavan Putra Hanuman.

Kumbhkaran asks where is Ram, I will kill him today. Ram attacks Kumbhkaran.