Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti & Shiv don’t want to get married

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Mandira takes off Shiv’s coat from Shakti and pushes her away, she says you will never become a doctor, you cheap and thief. She goes from there. Shiv comes there and smiles at her. She is surprised. Shiv says sorry and thank you. Shakti says what is this rubbish? Shiv says I am sorry I couldn’t help you and thank you for doing my work. Shakti gets angry and says it was your duty to save that kid but you didn’t. Shiv sees her wearing his locket and tries to talk but Shakti says don’t change the topic.. you take an oath to always focus on the patient’s life first? you are a bad doctor. Shiv says but you are a good doctore, you are very intelligent. He gives her stars on the paper. Shakti says you think this is a joke? are you crazy these stars don’t matter when you can’t be a good doctor. What if something had happened to that patient? are you a crazy person? Shiv starts getting flashbacks and is dizzy. His friend comes there and drags him from there. Shakti looks on.

Mandira shows the news to the family in which the reporters are praising Keertan for saving a boy’s life. Padma says I am so proud of him. Keertan’s father says he is our hero. Ragunath blesses Keertan and says you have made us all proud, its your mother’s upbringing. His father says I brought her so its my award too. Their maid Sundari brings sweets for them. Mandira glares at her. Ragunath says I wish Shiv would be like Keertan. Mandira says he was a good doctor too. Ragunath says that was the past. Shiv comes there and asks if there is a party going on? Padma says Keertan saved a boy’s life, she shows him the news and Shiv starts getting dizzy.. he says this is the wrong news. That girl saved the boy’s life and not Keertan. That girl should be praised.

Chachi scolds Shakti for putting them through all that. Chacha says Shakti saved that boy’s life. Rimjhim says that doctor is a fake and took her credit, I will expose him on social media. Chachi asks her to shut up and says we can’t go against Mandira as she is Chacha’s boss. She says we won’t talk about medical from now on in this house. Shakti looks on. Chachi says we will talk about Rimjhim and Shakti’s marriage only and stay away from Mandira. Chachi says Rimjhim is fasting to get a good husband. Rimjhim says Shakti is fasting too. Chachi gets excited and says that’s like my girl, I will pray for her marriage too.

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Scene 2
Shiv tells the family that girl saved that kid’s life. Mandira says that girl complicated the case and Keertan saved his life. Shiv says that’s wrong, I saw her saving that kid’s life. Mandira looks on. Bagumaa comes there and says I have a good news. all look on. Bagumaa tells Shiv that she has found a girl for him. All are shocked. Bagumaa says its my friend’s grand-daughter. Mandira is shocked. Shiv is confused. All other family members are happy hearing that. Shiv is trying to be happy but keeps shivering. He leaves from there while all look on. Bagumaa says he will become fine after getting married. Mandira tells her that I will find a good girl for Shiv, we have to tell them about Shiv. Bagumaa says my friend already knows everything so don’t worry, she leaves. Padma tells Mandira that your plan is going to fail if Bagumaa gets Shiv married to her choice. Padma kicks her shin and asks her to just focus on Shiv’s wedding and don’t worry about the bride.

Shakti is sitting with the family, Chachi asks her to break her fast. Shakti says I am not hungry, Chacha says you didn’t eat anything so eat something. Chachi says you are protesting because we are not going to get you admitted in the medical school? if you don’t want to eat then then fine, I am going to eat everything and you won’t have any food left. She finishes all food and tells Shakti to stop dreaming about becoming a doctor and start preparing for the marriage. Chachi leaves. Chacha is worried but Rimjhim tells him that she will order food for Shakti. Shakti says I am not hungry so Rimjhim leaves.

Shiv is looking at the moon and says everyone behaves like my truth is a dream. Otherside Shakti talks with the moon and says I wan to get married but first I want to become someone in life, I want to help my family, I want to support them. Who wouldn’t want a life partner to share my milestones with? to share my happiness and pain with? but first I need to fulfill my dreams.

Shiv talks with the moon and says that girl’s dreams were unfulfilled, I am unhappy so how can I keep someone happy after marriage? I am incomplete that’s why my dream is incomplete too.

Precap: Shakti bumps into Dr. Shiv and asks him are you Dr. Shiv. He says yes. Mandira says to Shakti you want my signature to get admission in medical college on scholarship basis, but I have a condition you have to touch my feet.