Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv silently lends his coat to Shakti

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Mandira tells Keertan to play doctor doctor, she needs to do something, he leaves. Padma tells Mandira that this girl insulted you so much. Mandira says I won’t spare her for that. I will insult her in front of Banaras, once that boy dies then I won’t spare this girl. Even God is scared of me.

Shakti is praying in the mandir and says that doctor was real cruel for telling me about that treatment and then not doing it. I think he was a fake but please don’t let that boy pay for anything. Shiv comes there as a doctor and sees Shakti praying in the mandir but she has back to him. Someone comes to talk to Shiv so he turns away before Shakti can see his face. Rimjhim takes Shakti from there.

Mandira comes to Padma and says we will blame that girl for killing that boy. The doctor comes out of the OT and tells the kid’s mother that her kid is out of danger now. Shakti comes there too. The media arrives there and talks about the video going viral. The doctor says the boy is out of danger now and we should thank the doctor who actually gave him that emergency procedure and saved his life. Shakti is elated hearing tht. The media asks who is that doctor? Mandira pushes Dr. Keertan in front and says he was that doctor, he can do anything to save his patients. The kid’s mother tries to take Shakti’s name but Mandira stops her and says you don’t need to worry about your boy, we will bear all expenses, just don’t say anything. She nods at her and the woman remains silent. Mandira smirks. The media keeps praising Dr. Keertan and he says I keep doing these procedures, I am a doctor and its my duty to save patients. Padma whispers to Mandira that you made your son from zero to hero. Mandira glares at her and says my son is a hero. Rimjhim tells Shakti that she will expose them and tell them that you saved that boy’s life. Shakti says leave that, she drags her from there. Mandira thinks I won’t spare that girl.

Shakti and Rimjhim are going but Keertan stops them. He tells Shakti that you are running away from me? I mean I didn’t have a good first impression. Rimjhim says you couldn’t save the kid and now you are eating up her credit? I won’t spare you. Keertan tries to save his number in Shakti’s phone but she snatches it from him and says you are not a good doctor nor a good man. She goes from there. Keertan says what a girl, someone gave me a challenge for the first time, I think I love her.

Shakti comes out of the kid’s room and sees someone playing with him. Shakti smiles and says this doctor is playing with the kid like he is a kid too. She tries to go inside but Chachi drags her away and says thank God that kid got saved but lets leave. Chacha says Shakti saved his life. Chachi says we shouldn’t say that. Rimjhim says that doctor ate her credit. Shakti says I just want to meet with that kid, you all should leave before Mandira sees us together. Chachi gets scared and leaves. Chacha blesses Shakti and leaves. Shiv leaves the kid’s room before Shakti can see him. She goes to the kid’s room and asks the kid where is that doctor? he says I don’t know. The kid’s mother comes there and apologizes to her, she says you saved my kid’s life. Shakti says don’t apologize. God gave me strength to save him. She says I will become a doctor soon. Shiv is outside the room and sees them. The mother tells her that she is a real doctor for them,. the kid asks her to wear the coat. Its Shiv’s coat but he sees Shakti wearing that coat. He smiles and says she deserves to wear this coat today. Shakti smiles wearing the coat. The kid gives her a notebook and she leaves from there. Mandira comes there and says that kid could have died because of you but my son saved him. I would have sent you to jail. Shakti thanks Lord that she didn’t see her with Chacha. Shakti tells Mandira that your son might need a ward in this hospital, he was shivering seeing that boy. I think you might have gifted that doctor’s degree to your son, you can lie to the world but I saved that kid’s life. Mandira says you could have gone to the jail but you got saved. Shakti says I will become a doctor one day but your son might have a degree but no learning whatsoever. Mandira smirks and says you might dream to become a doctor but do you have money for that? you should stop dreaming about things you can’t achieve. She asks whose coat are you wearing? she sees Shiv’s name on it and says you are a thief too? All staff gather around there. Mandira shouts do you even know who Dr. Shiv is? you are nothing in front of him. Dr. Shiv is the biggest neurosurgeon of India and you have no shame in wearing his coat? you want to become a doctor but I will make sure you can’t even enter a medical college. You think you can become a doctor by wearing his coat? she pushes her away and takes off Shiv’s coat, she says your dream will never become true, I am a trustee so trust me I will make sure of that. She leaves. Shakti is hurt hearing all that. Shiv comes there and smiles at her.

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The episode ends.