Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Keertan threatens Nandu


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Manorama calls Shakti to Shiv and leaves. Shakti comes there but is stressed.

Keertan is punching the wall in anger. Koyal comes there and stops him. She cleans up his wounds. Keertan says I lost my dream, Koyal says we won’t spare that Shiv and Shakti. Keertan says I never wanted to become a doctor but I did because I wanted the power but that Shakti destroyed everything. Koyal says that girl has guts to try to expose our mother. Keertan says our mother had to apologize to her cheap family. Koyal says Shakti tried to expose her but Mandira failed her plan so don’t worry she must be doing something for her next tricks.

Ragunath and Mandira sit in the car. He asks where is Shiv? Mandira says he stayed back to talk to Shakti, they are good friends so let them be. Its good that he has a new friend. Ragunath nods and they drive away.

Dadi is walking to her room but slips.. Gayatri rushes to her and asks if she is okay? she apologizes to her for coming to her room. Dadi cries in pain and says my daughter in law sees me in pain but can’t even do anything. Gayatri cries and says you know I am following rules, I can’t do much.. Dadi calls her so Gayatri massages her feet. She says I will bring some herbs for your foot but Dadi says its okay. Gayatri massages her feet. Dadi touches her head and says you did a big mistake but I know you are trying to repent it by bringing Shakti in this house, Ragunath went there to apologize to Shakti’s family, I am just worried. Gayatri says Ragunath doesn’t show it but I saw how worried he was for Shiv when he was in jail. That’s why he gave a chance to Shakti because he knew she was supporting Shiv and he knows Shiv is still the MD because of Shakti, he can’t hate her and I am sure he wouldn’t do anything wrong there and even if something wrong happens then Shakti will handle it. Dadi says you are right, that girl has something special. When she entered the house, it felt like she is a breath of fresh air. Gayatri says Lord has sent her for us. Nandu sees them and thinks they are right. Shakti is making magic happen in this house. Keertan comes there and says you like spying on other people? Nandu says I just saw Dadi and Gayatri happy. Keertan says don’t forget your standard in this house, I will punch you better than Ragunath’s slaps. Remember how I used to beat you up in childhood? Nandu says Shiv used to save me and he will save me today also. Keertan laughs and says he can’t even save himself, you are just a worker here. He leaves. Nandu says he doesn’t know that Shiv has Shakti now, she is his strength.

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Shiv tells Shakti that he wants to thank her, he lost hope but she saved his dream. Shakti says I should thank you for fulfilling my dream, you know I have already got my admission letter and the college will start in 15 days, I will become a doctor because of you only and sorry that you had to go through so much.

Keertan shouts at Mandira that Shakti snatched my dream and you are going to help her sister’s wedding? what’s wrong with you? Mandira slaps him hard and says don’t forget who you are talking to, I bear you because you are my son but there is a limit so don’t you dare cross that. I am participating in wedding so I can find out who Rimjhim loves so I can use that person. Keertan says I try hard but I imagine Shiv-Shakti together.. He starts crying so Mandira consoles him and says I promise I will separate them brutally.

The episode ends.