Shiv Shakti (Zee) 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv protects Shakti from people’s taunts


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shakti is in the market and some goons snatch away her dupatta. Shiv comes there and catches her before she is about to fall down, all look on there. Keertan is angry seeing that. Shakti stares at Shiv and recalls him pushing her away but also helping her, Sun saathiya plays as they keep looking at each other. Shakti stands up, Shiv says sorry for pushing you away that day, I have a problem. Shakti starts crying and tries to cover herself. The people taunt her that she lost her dupatta so she lost her honor. Shiv says how that makes sense? you people are obssessed with dupatta, what about guy’s honor? a girl’s honor is not that small but you people have narrow thinking, the honor is not related to the dupatta but to this. He goes to his car and brings his lab coat and says the honor is earned like we earn this coat after working hard. He tells Shakti that you have already earned honor in my eyes by saving that kid’s life and you will earn this coat soon, nothing was your fault so don’t be embarrassed, he makes her wear the coat while all look on, Shiv smiles at her. He tells her that whoever tries to dishonor her should shut up. Keertan is angry and thinks to punish them. Shakti tells Shiv that her chacha is in danger, she needs to go. Shiv holds her hand and stops her. He says I have some questions. First one is how did you get locked in the store room? and do you doubt someone to publish our news? Shakti says I did a mistake by crossing a line, I should be punished but why is my family getting punished? she tells him everything and says its better if we don’t cross paths anymore. Shiv says why? we aren’t wrong, you helped a kid when I should have but you showed me the right path. Shakti says you are very nice but sometimes I can’t understand you. I am a strong woman but I can’t see my family suffering because of me, you shouldn’t be seen with me. Shiv says okay, he puts his number in her phone and says you can call me anytime you need. He starts leaving from there. Shakti goes from there too. Keertan sits in his car and says I can break him easily. He calls his goons and tells them to targete Shakti. The goons go to Shakti and try to harrass her, they surround her and don’t let her leave. Shakti asys please let me go. They taunt her to give them a chance, they can make her their doctor. Shakti tries to compose herself but the goons keep blocking her. Shakti asks for help but no one helps her. Keertan smirks seeing all that.

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Shiv is in the hospital and calls the nurse who was outside the room where Shakti was locked. He says you looked stressed that day, are you hiding something? she says nothing. He asks who locked Shakti in that room? The nurse says I don’t know, Shiv says Shakti was screaming from inside so why didn’t you help her? this is my hospital and I won’t let anything wrong happen here. He asks her to tell the truth otherwise she will lose her job and he will call the police.

Rimjhim and others tell Chacha to trust lord, everything will be okay. Chacha says I am worried about Shakti. Rimjhim tells Manorama that I am worried about Shakti, I don’t know what’s happening with her.

The goons are harrassing Shakti, Keertan says she needs to bear this for playing with my feelings. The goon asks if she wants to hug him? Shakti slaps him hard and asks him to shut up. She tries to leave but the goon grabs her and phone falls down, the call goes to Shiv. He picks the call and hears her screaming, she is screaming for help. Shiv rushes to help her.

The episode ends.