Shiv Shakti (Zee) 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Keertan tries to blackmail Mandira


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv tells the family that they want the same to happen with Shakti that happened with Gauri 6 years ago. Dadi says you can’t take her name in this house. Shiv says I will keep taking her name. Gauri.. Gauri.. Otherside Shakti comes to her room and finds Gauri’s photo dropping to the floor, she is shocked seeing that. She says what hint is Gauri giving me? She mistakenly cuts her finger while picking up her photo.

Shiv tells Dadi that he won’t marry Shakti at any cost. Guruji says you did wrong with me, you raised hand on me and I can curse you for life. Dadi stops him and begs him to stop it. You know about his condition so please forgive him. Mandira says please don’t punish him. Shiv says I won’t spare him. Guruji says enough. He tells Dadi that he won’t accept his insult like this, he angrily leaves. Dadi tells Shiv that if he cares for them a little bit then he will marry Shakti. Shiv says but.. Dadi says you want me to die.. I am begging you but you just don’t care, you say you are my friend but you have no value for this friendship. All family members were so happy about this marriage but look at them now.. you just don’t care about anyone, you are just stubborn. Shiv says fine, I will marry Shakti. All are surprised. Shiv says I will marry her but I have a condition, I will tell her all the truth before marrying her. All about my past and if she wants to marry me after knowing all that then I will marry her. Do you all accept that? All look on. Shiv says what happened? shouldn’t I tell her what happened 6 years ago? Gayatri screams and says no.. please don’t. Shiv says this truth took away my mother from me. He sadly looks at her and says this truth has turned my mother into a criminal. Do you all want a repeat of that? Dadi says you can move on from your past. Shiv says that past is still my present. Ragunath says stop crying about your past. Shakti loves you so she won’t care about your past. Shiv says then should I tell her about my past? Love is all about honesty but you want me to start a relationship with me with a lie? when she finds the truth then she will hate me. There will be no relationship between us then. You people should focus on Rimjhim and Keertan’s marriage, not mine. He sadly leaves from there. All look on. Keertan records everything on his phone. Mandira sees that and gets worried. He smirks at her.

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Scene 2

Shakti says I should try to save my friendship with Shiv. I should call him. Keertan sends her a video of Shiv confessing about his past. Mandira comes there and asks what is he doing? Keertan says I already sent the video to her. Mandira says to delete it right now. Keertan says I love Shakti and you want her to marry Shiv. Mandira says you are an idiot, just do as I say then you will get Shakti and this empire too. Keertan says I want to control my life now, I have sent her the video and she won’t agree to marry Shiv after seeing that. Mandira says just delete the video. He says I won’t. I will get Shakti now.

Shakti is about to check her phone and message Shiv but she says I should meet up with him and clarify things. She checks her phone and sees a message from Keertan.

Mandira thinks to show him his place. She tells Keertan that you have done many operations without a degree so you might be jailed. Keertan says what? Mandira says you think you can blackmail me? if you try to go against me then I won’t spare you, I am an animal who can eat her own baby, give me the phone. Keertan gets scared and looks on. Otherside Shakti is about to open Keertan’s message.

The episode ends.