Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv tries telling about his son to Shakti


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti tells the family that a bad omen can be turned to a good omen. She writes Shiv’s name on her hand. Dadi says she is our perfect daughter-in-law. Gayatri hugs her and says you proved that you are the perfect girl for Shiv, you will always support him like this. She cries and tells Dadi that Shakti will bring happiness in Shiv’s life, she will turn around his misfortune. Mandira smirks and thinks they don’t know that Shakti will break Shiv down more. Ragunath glares at Gayatri so she leaves. Rimjhim thinks Shakti always wants the limelight. Dadi asks Keertan and Rimjhim to do the ritual now. Mandira tells Shakti that she just wanted entertainment. Shiv comes there and tries to take Shakti away but Padma stops him and says it’s bad if you meet your bride in hiding but I am modern so go and I will cover for you. I know you both want to romance so go to the storeroom. Shiv thanks her and leaves. Shakti says its not like that. Padma brings juice for her and it spills on her dress mistakenly. Shakti goes to wash it. She says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Shiv.

Shiv is waiting for Shakti, he hears her calling out to him and goes to the storeroom. He sees her shadow and says I sent you a letter which I had my truth but I want to talk to you directly now. I am a devil and not an angel, I don’t deserve your love. You know I snatched a mother from a son and you know whose son was it? it was my son Kartik. I did sin and can’t even look at my son, he lost his mother and the reason for that is.. he tells her about the incident and starts crying. He says you know the truth now, do you still want to marry me? please say something? Shakti moves away. Shiv says it was my duty to tell you the truth, its your choice and I won’t let anyone force you. You can take your decision and I will support your completely. I would never want to hurt you. I didn’t know our friendship would lead to this. I will wait for you outside, I am going to support your decision in any case. He leaves. The woman comes out of the dark and its Koyal and not Shakti. She smirks and recalls the flashback how Mandira made Koyal make Shakti’s video. She made her video and then used it to fool Shiv. Mandira told Koyal about software that can be used in a mirror and edited to look like a real person is in the mirror. The flashback ends. Mandira comes to Koyal and says I was able to fool Shiv. Mandira says Shakti’s audio was original. The flashback shows how Padma locked Shakti in the storeroom. Shakti tried to open it and called for Shiv. Mandira recorded and used it to fool Shiv. Padma helped Mandira. The flashback ends. Koyal tells Mandira that she is too good.

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The episode ends.