Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama tells Shiv about Shakti’s love for him


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv tells Padma that Manorama might have a bitter tongue but she loves her family a lot and would protect them at any cost. Manorama comes there with Mandira and says that’s why I am here. Dadi glares at her and recalls how she insulted her, she asks why are you here now? Manorama touches her feet and apologizes to her. She silently apologizes to everyone and says I insulted you all, I don’t know how to say sorry. Shiv says you don’t look nice like this, don’t apologize. Manorama says I am here with a request, I am even ready to beg. Dadi asks what request? Mandira thinks I hope she plays her part. Manorama recalls how Mandira said that Shakti has to marry Shiv before Keertan can marry Rimjhim.

Shakti sits alone and recalls Shiv telling her that he doesn’t love her, she recalls her moments with him and is sad. Rimjhim comes there. Shakti asks where is Manorama?

Shiv tells Manorama that she can ask for anything, they are a family. Manorama says I want that only, I want you all to become our inlaws and accept my daughter as your daughter-in-law. All look on.

Rimjhim tells Shakti that Maa is gone to make our lives set, I am so happy. We will live together from now on. She leaves. Shakti is stressed and says I don’t know what’s happening, I am scared. She prays to the lord.

Shiv tells Manorama that yes our house’s son will be your son-in-law, Keertan will be that. Manorama says I want to become your mother-in-law too. I want both my daughters to be a part of this family. All are happy hearing that except Shiv. Shiv says what’s wrong with you all? This is wrong, we don’t love each other so we can’t marry. He makes her sit down and asks her to not listen to his family, Manorama says its my wish. Shiv says we will not be a good couple, we both don’t want it. We are just friends so don’t destroy Shakti’s life, she doesn’t love me. Manorama says she does love you. She loves you a lot. Shiv is shocked hearing that and says what? Manorama says she keeps talking about you, she perks seeing you call her, she can’t see you in pain, she always wants to protect you. If its not love then what is it? she loves you so much. Shiv starts panicking and recalls his incident. Nandu asks him to accept it now. Ragunath says yes. Dadi says please accept this, we all want this. Shiv angrily leaves. All look on. Dadi says I don’t know what to do with him. Manorama asks Mandira why did he leave? Mandira says he must be shy, don’t worry this marriage will happen for sure.

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The episode ends.