Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv tries to reveal the truth to Shakti


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Dr Shiv asks Shakti what is she saying, she replies whatever he wrote in the letter hearing which Shiv is shocked, Shakti replies she has never been a doctor but can understand what he is feeling because if a doctor can save all the patients then what is the difference between human and Bhagwan. Shiv asks Shakti if this is what she read in the letter, Mandra thinks she has to stop them both before they can talk any further, she signals Rimjhim pointing to Shiv and Shakti and then even signals Koyal so they both walk to them mentioning that everyone is searching for him, Shiv explains he needs to talk of something important with Shakti but they both pull them away. Shiv once again tells Rimjhim that he wants to talk of something important with Shakti, Dadi says that now he would only want to talk with Shakti. Nandu exclaims that the girls tensed to leave their family but in their house their own brother has become a stranger for them, everyone starts laughing.

The dance performance starts with Bua beginning the dance followed by the rest of the family who join them, they all enjoy the dance a lot when Shiv seeing the opportunity decides to talk with Shakti but Mandra stops him once more signaling him to continue the dance while Shiv is just looking for a chance to talk with Shakti and then he manages to take her away from the performance. Shiv asks if she read the letter then questions how can she say it, Dadi asks if everyone managed to apply the Haldi to the bride and groom then announces that the Haldi function has ended. Shakti goes to Dadi saying that the ritual of Haldi has not ended, Dadi asks what has happened, Shakti replies the Haldi function has still not ended, she goes to pick the bowl of Haldi while everyone is just looking at her. Shakti then walks to the mother of Shiv who is standing in the corer, she says how can the ritual be complete without the mother applying the Haldi, Shiv also goes to stand beside Shakti while Gaytri is smiling but she sees how Raghunath is furious and recalls when he warned her of severe consequence if she caused any disturbance in the ritual, Shiv notices the how she is tensed so assures her that everything would be fine, Gaytri then looks at Dadi who also signals her to fulfill the ritual, she then applies the Haldi to Shakti after which she even applies the Haldi to Shiv, Raghunath and Mandra both are furious seeing it, Shiv wipes off the tears from the face of Gaytri who got emotional before hugging her. Mandra is not able to witness their melodrama, Shiv asks Shakti to come and they both leave. Raghunath slowly walks to stand in front of Gaytri, saying he warned her to keep her away then he wipes of the Haldi from her hands mentioning everyone is watching.

Mandra exclaims it cannot happen because if Shiv reveals his secret to Shakti then she would refuse when Ketan mentions Shakti already knows the truth, Mandra leaves angrily so ketan wonders what is going on in her mind.

Shiv tells Shakti he wants to talk about something important but then Rimjhim comes mentioning she wants to take selfie with her however Shiv stops Shakti telling Rimjhim that her selfie can wait but what he wants to talk with Shakti is very important, Shakti asks Dr Shiv what happened when she agrees and he asks what did she read, Shakti replies that she read he was not able to save someone during surgery and this is why he is scared of the blood so he has not performed any surgery and the best neurosurgeon lost his entire self confidence and that he cannot be a good person which is due to the hate he has in his own heart for himself, Shakti replies that she has started respecting him even more and so says they should not cure them like this and explains that he should also forgive himself. Shiv asks if this si what she read when Shakti says this is what he wrote in the letter that Nandu gave him, she says this is his past and the truth, Shiv refuses explaining this is neither his past nor the truth, Mandra is tensed seeing it. Shiv asks Shakti to listen carefully revealing he would not write any letter but say it clearly to her so there is no mis understanding and he can see that she is able to listen and believe it. Shiv says his secret is the crime that he has committed for which he was not even punished, Shiv reveals the biggest secret of his life is of Gauri. Dadi comes asking what are they talking about when her son says they should let them go otherwise how would they return tomorrow, Shiv requests for a moment as he wants to talk about something important with her, Dadi asks what is so important so Shiv says he wants to tell her about the collage, Dadi asks Shakti to come with her but Shakti returns to Dr Shiv saying she completely trusts him and knows he cannot do anything wrong, Shiv replies that it is not what she is thinking, Koyal rushes to him saying it is just a matter of two days and he should wait.

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Raghunath tells Shakti she would be very tired and they both can talk later, Dadi agrees explaining Shiv was first not prepared to get married but is now not leaving her, she says Shakti will stay with him for the rest of his life. Shakti and Rimjhim take the blessing of the elders while she notices how Dr Shiv is still very worried, she is not able to take her eyes of him while leaving. Shiv exclaims he cannot understand what is that Shakti knows or not because what he wrote in the letter is different then what she said, Ketan coming to stand behind Mandra exclaims this means Shakti does not know anything about what happened in the past of Shiv. Mandra slaps Ketan saying he should ask why did she slap him, she says this si what he deserves. Ketan questions what does she mean by it when Mandra slaps him again, asking what did he think that she will double cross his own mother and forgot that she is the one who is a master in it all, saying he forgot that she is his mother and there is only Bholaynath in Banaras who sees everything along with Mandra Kayshup, she recalls how she found out that her son is trying to double cross her without knowing she already knew it. Mandra says that he might have forgot that he is nothing compared to the queen and in the game of chess there is just a single queen while eight pawns, and if one pawn loses then they can use the other pawn. Mandra asks if he knew who was the other pawn, meaning her beautiful daughter in law Rimjhim. She remembers when she told Rimjhim to purposefully make Shakti go take a shower while she switch the letters. Mandra warns that Ketan would be ruined due to his love for Shakti which she cannot allow to happen as they both are related but she would even break her relation with him if it causes any trouble for her, Ketan is shocked.