Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv has doubts about marrying Shakti


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti tells Mandira that she won’t allow Keertan to marry Rimjhim at any cost. She leaves. Keertan tells Mandira what’s her plan? he can’t marry Rimjhim. Mandira says get ready, we have to go for your wedding shopping. You deserve Rimjhim only.

Manorama and her family come to Shiv’s house. Manorama says how will we prepare for the wedding so early? Ragunath says don’t worry, we will have a grand wedding and everyone will remember it. Dadi tells Manorama that we will be thankful as you gave your daughters to us so don’t worry about preparation or money. Manorama says I just want my daughters to be happy here. Dadi says we also want that. Let’s do haldi tomorrow then. Manorama agrees. All family members congratulate each other. Dadi tells Chacha to find good dates for the wedding also. Chacha says 10th January is a good time for the wedding. Shiv hears that and leaves from there. Manorama leaves with her family. Gayatri stops Ragunath and says thank you for forgiving Shiv. Ragunath says I have to do some things as a pretence. A son is not a son if he becomes bigger than the father. Shiv has passed that limit, he isn’t my son anymore, he leaves. Gayatri is shocked. Mandira hears that and tells Koyal that this family is all broken up inside. Lord is on my side. Keertan comes there and says why are you destroying my life? She says you deserve that.

Scene 2

Shakti looks at Gauri’s photo and says Shiv didn’t seem happy with the marriage but he was my dream.

Shiv says I don’t know how Shakti agreed to marry me after knowing my truth.

Manorama comes to Shakti and says Shiv is not happy. Shakti says he doesn’t want to marry me? Manorama says he is worried because he thinks you will forget about your dream of becoming a doctor after marriage. Shakti says Shiv told you that? Manorama says yes and recalls how Mandira told her that. Manorama says Shiv takes your dream as his dream so don’t worry. She hugs her and thinks I had to lie to Shakti because I don’t want her to be worried. Shakti says you are right, I am lucky as Shiv is with me, he will take on duties with me and help me become the best doctor.

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Shiv says once Shakti marries me then she might not be able to become a good doctor. Gayatri tells him to forget about the past and move on. She puts Gauri’s photo away and says everyone is happy with your decision. Lord has connected you with Shakti so don’t worry and go ahead with the marriage. He nods.

Scene 3

In the morning, Shakti’s haldi ceremony starts and they arrive at Shiv’s house. Dadi blesses Shakti. She looks around for Shiv. Dadi says he is getting ready. Shakti says I was looking for Gayatri, where is she? Ragunath says let’s do the rituals. They all come in the house and are impressed by the decorations.  Koyal bumps into Dharam and she taunts him to stay away from her. Gayatri hides and smiles at Shakti. Ragunath goes to her and says its about Shiv’s happiness so don’t you dare come near him, if anything wrong happens then I won’t spare you so be careful.

Mandira says to herself that Shakti loves truth but she doesn’t know that Shiv’s life is built on lies. Everyone thinks Shakti knows about his secret but she doesn’t. Shiv is a trap for her.

The episode ends.