Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv insults Shakti publicly


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti is about to open Keertan’s message but Mandira takes his phone and deletes it before she could see the video. Mandira tells Keertan that he can do anything in life but don’t ever try to go against me, she leaves. Keertan is angry.

Shakti thinks to call Shiv. She calls him, Shiv is sitting alone and cuts the call. He cries and says I am sorry.. I don’t deserve your friendship, I don’t deserve anything good in life. It was my mistake to bring you close to me. I have given you reasons to love me till now but now I will give you reasons to hate me only. I am sorry for bringing pain in your life. He cuts her call again. Mandira sees that and smirks. She says I know who is going to help me now.

In the morning, Rimjhim asks Shakti what did she decide about Shiv? Shakti says I am not going to marry him. Rimjhim says then you will know about my decision soon. Shakti leaves. Rimjhim calls Mandira and says Shakti isn’t agreeing. Mandira says don’t worry and just do as I say.

Shakti come to the college. She sees Shiv entering there and calls him but he ignores her and leaves. Shakti runs behind him and says please listen to me. Shiv shouts at her to stop following him. Shakti says I wanted to talk to you. Shiv says did you take an appointment? she says no. Shiv says I don’t meet outsiders without an appointment. Shakti says outsider? Shiv says am I your boyfriend? no right then don’t ever try to enter my office again without an appointment. I just talked to you nicely sometimes so you thought you could cross your line? don’t forget that you are a student here and I am MD of this college so stay away from me. He goes to his office and cries silently. Outside the office, Shakti cries and sadly leaves. Shiv says thank you Shakti for coming to my life but I am sorry that you have to leave my life, I have to break your heart and this friendship to save you from me.

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Shakti hears students gossiping that Shiv might be done with her, she got the admission based on her affair with Shiv but she is just a joke now. Shakti hears that and sadly leaves.

Mandira comes to the college and students gossiping. She asks a teacher what happened? She says Shiv shouted at a student so all are surprised. Mandira smirks and says I am sure it was Shakti. She sees Shakti running away from there and Keertan going behind her. Mandira says this guy is a burden on me. Keertan is following Shakti. Mandira calls him but he doesn’t take it. Mandira goes behind them.

Shakti is running in the corridor but Keertan pulls her in a classroom. Shakti is shocked seeing him and asks what’s this? Keertan says you love Shiv but do you know.. Shakti says I don’t want to know anything about him from you. Keertan says I want to tell you something about Shiv which will be very important. Shiv isn’t some Raam but a Ravan, you should stay away from him. Shakti says you want me to trust you over Shiv? I won’t hear anything against Shiv even from Lord so stop wasting my time. She pushes him away. Keertan gets angry and grabs her. He shouts what Shiv has what I don’t? Shakti says leave me alone. Keertan moves away and says I am sorry. Trust me, Shiv isn’t right for you. Shakti says I just know you are not right for Rimjhim. Keertan says I don’t even like that wanna-be Rimjhim, I like you and I want to marry you. Shakti is shocked hearing that and tries to run away but Keertan grabs her.

The episode ends.