Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv agrees to resign from his director position


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shakti is trying to call Rimjhim but Manorama says she went to the salon to get ready for the engagement. Chacha comes there and says I got invitation from the Kashyp family for a pooja, I think they have some function in the evening. Manorama says you won’t go there, they insulted us so much. Chacha says I am a priest so I can’t say no to the pooja. Manorama says fine, you can go. He leaves. Shakti hears all that and thinks what function they have? Shiv didn’t look in the mood to celebrate anything. Manorama sees that Chacha forgot his items and says I will go to give it to him but Shakti says I will go and give it to him, I will not go inside the house, I promise. Manorama says fine, you can go.

Ragunath and the family sit to have the pooja. Chacha asks why are they having pooja? Mandira says jsut for house peace. Ragunath says why do you need to know? Chacha says so I can mak prayers accordingly, also all family members need to be here so where is Shiv? Nandu sees Shakti coming outside the house and rushes to her. He asks what is she doing here? She says I came to give items to Chacha, he takes it and asks her to leave. Shakti asks what’s going on here? Nandu says you have to leave. Mandira tells Chacha that we are keeping the pooja for the hospital. Chacha asks where is Dr. Shiv then? Shiv arrives there. Shakti smiles seeing him and says I will ask him. Nandu says he is already in trouble so please leave. Shakti says if he is in trouble then I can’t leave. She asks him to let her talk to him. Mandira tells Chacha that Keertan will do the pooja, he will manage everything related to the hospital from now on. He is going to be the managing director and main trustee of the hospital. All are shocked hearing that. Keertan comes there and sits in the pooja. Shakti is shocked seeing all that. She asks Nandu what’s going on? He says Shiv is going to resign from his position, it was decided in the board meeting. The flashback shows how the board members said that Shiv going to the jail has brought bad reputation to the hospital, and people are not trusting them anymore so they asked Shiv to resign from the main trustee position. Ragunath told them that Shiv made the hospital so you can’t do this, the board say we have a right to take decisions in favor of the hospital. Ragunath says this is not right, who is going to run the hospital like Shiv? The board member says that’s why we have decided to give the position to Keertan. Mandira says but this is not right. Shiv says no.. if its right for the hospital then I will step down, I agree with the board and ready to resign. Mandira says you don’t need to do that. Shiv says if this is needed to bring trust back for the hospital then I am ready to resign. Mandira smirked. The flashback ends. Nandu tells Shakti that this hospital is everything to Shiv, he created it with his hard work and he will lose everything today. He saved you and your family but he lost everything.. that hospital is his dream and his lifeline, he might look happy but he is burning from inside. He is going to sign his resignation in the evening, I am begging you to leave. He goes from there. Shakti sadly looks at Shiv and says only I can understand his pain, I am his partner and I wouldn’t abandon him like this. Mandira comes out and says you can’t do anything now. You did this to Shiv, he kept helping you and lost everything that he owned. You thought you could fight with me? you did wrong by challening me. You wanted to expose me but see you couldn’t do anything and now Shiv has lost everything because of you. I knew Shiv would want to see the CCTV footage because he is main trustee so I got that footage deleted and now Shiv has no power in the hospital. He will give his resignation at 7 PM today. Shakti is shocked hearing that.

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The episode ends.