Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Keertan tries to expose Mandira


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Rimjhim tells Shakti that you are unable to bear that I have found something better than you, you always got everything and you thought I was always below you. I was a fool to think that Keertan is not serious about me, I listened to you because I trusted you but you have proved that we are not real sisters. If you were then you wouldn’t be jealous of me. We never treated you as a step daughter or sister but you have proven that blood is thicker than water. I was a fool to think that my sister would never hurt me but you are just a girl and my cousin who lives here. Shakti cries hearing all that. Manorama comes there and says what.. she scolds Rimjhim for saying all that to Shakti, don’t forget that Shakti always protected you, she would get hurt trying to save you. She would take blame for your antics. Rimjhim says this Shakti wants to break off my relationship with Keertan. She said yes in front of you but told Shiv to stop this proposal. Manorama asks why? Rimjhim says because she is jealous, Keertan loves me and Shiv doesn’t love her. Manorama tells her to stop it, my condition was for Keertan to bring a proposal and he is doing that so stop talking nonsense about Shakti. Don’t you dare doubt her ever again, she loves you more than your own parents. Keertan’s love is nothing in front of Shakti’s love for you. She tells Rimjhim to behave in front of Chacha. She leaves. Shakti cries and tells Rimjhim that she is wrong about all this. Rimjhim says I was wrong before but not anymore, get lost from my room. She throws her out of the room and locks it. They both cry in pain. Shakti recalls her moments with her and cries. Rimjhim is heartbroken too.

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Scene 2

Keertan comes to Mandira and says you lied to Shiv and told him that we are going there for Rimjhim’s proposal for me? you have used your own son.. I was wrong to think you would always do anything for me. Mandira says I am doing all this for you, I want you to become MD. Keertan shouts that I don’t want that, I want Shakti only and that cheap Rimjhim is behind me now. Mandira asks him to calm down. Keertan says I love Shakti and you are going to get her married to Shiv. You have always said that you wouldn’t care about your son when it comes to your gain so I will do the same. She says what? Keertan says its time to expose you, its time everyone sees your real face. He tries to leave but she stops him and says trust me, you will get what you want. Keertan says no, you can’t fool me anymore and now I will expose you in front of the family. Mandira tries to stop him but he calls family to the lounge. Mandira panics as they all gather there. Dadi asks what happened? Koyal says he is just excited for this wedding. She tells Keertan to calm down and behave. Padma thinks they are upto something. Mandira tells Keertan that she is right, we are doing all this for a reason. Dadi says he is getting excited like its his marriage. Shiv comes there so Mandira panics again.

Shakti says we always celebrated diwali together and today Rimjhim is angry at me. She gets the lawyer’s call and he tells her that Ranjan is free. He is coming to your house with his wife and kid. Shakti thanks him and thinks now Mandira will be exposed and this game will end.

The episode ends.