Shiv Shakti (Zee) 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranjan


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dadi tells Shiv to not make Shakti more angry today. Nandu asks where is he going? Shiv says its Rimjhim’s haldi ceremony and I have to go. He leaves. Koyal says he doesn’t talk about anyone else but Shakti. Dadi says Shakti is like that.. anyone can be inspired by her. Mandira says you are right but don’t you think its weird that Shiv keeps going there after the scandal. Ragunath says I also think Shiv shouldn’t go there a lot as people can talk. Dadi says to hell with people.. see what Shakti has done, things are changing because of her. Since when did you see Shiv so happy and looking forward to events? Shiv is changing because of Shakti only.. your relationship with Shiv is mending because of her too. Ragunath recalls that. Dadi says Lord is bringing Shiv to Shakti so we shouldn’t stop it. Keertan throws the plate in anger and shouts I am tired of hearing this girl’s name.. I am tired of Shiv and Shakti.. its like you people have nothing else to talk about. He angrily leaves. Mandira goes behind him.

Mandira goes to Keertan and shouts that I worked for years to make my position and you are doing all this? Keertan says what position? you are already losing it because of that Shakti.. you can talk big but you have been unsuccessful in stopping Shakti and the family is becoming her fan.. she slapped me two times but you couldn’t do anything.. you just talk. You always said I am a loser but you know why? because I am your son and you have been acting like a loser. Mandira slaps him and shouts how dare you.. do you know who you are talking with. Don’t expect that I wouldn’t cut my kids for my gain.. I am a queen and will always be a queen.

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Mandira calls Ranjan and says I won’t spare Shakti.. she slapped my son and now I want her to pay for it. It should affect Shiv and Shakti both. He says sure and ends the call.

Ranjan sees Shakti working in the kitchen and smirks. His brother comes there and says she insulted me a lot on Rakhi day, don’t spare her. Ranjan says I got a hint from Mandira too so I won’t spare her bow.

Manorama tells Ranjan;s family to come for haldi ceremony. Ranjan’s mother gives her a list and says this is just family. It will be around 40 people from the family. Manorama says we will give them invitation. Ranjan’s mother says they are family so you have to gift them some sarees and jewelry. Manorama is stressed and goes from there. Shakti tells her that these people are greedy, dowry is illegal and this Ranjan is agreeing to all this. These people have no morals if they are asking for gifts.. they are threatening us. Ranjan doesn’t deserve Rimjhim. Manorama says stop it.. she won’t find anyone else, go and bring tea. Shakti looks on. Ranjan goes to take a call.

Ranjan sees Shakti working in the kitchen and thinks today we will have first marriage ritual. Shakti thinks its wrong if they are asking for dowry. She turns and sees Ranjan there. He leers at her and smirks.

The episode ends.