Shiv Shakti (Zee) 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti tries to break Rimjhim & Keertan’s relationship

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Scene 1

Shakti cries recalling Rimjhim alleging that she is jealous of her. Shakti says its not her fault, her love is true. This is all happening because of Mandira, how can she stoop this low? she is even using her own son. I won’t spare her, I won’t let her play with Rimjhim’s life. She calls her lawyer and asks if she takes her complaint then Ranjan will be out of jail right? He says yes. Shakti says Mandira will be exposed tomorrow.

Mandira laughs and says Shakti doesn’t even know what’s coming for her. Shiv’s past will destroy Shakti. Guruji says it will impact your family, your business and your honor. If Shiv’s past comes out then then his family will be impacted and you are a part of it. Mandira says I won’t bring out his past before marriage, I will make them get married first and then I will expose his past using Gauri.

Shakti looks at Gauri’s photo and says Rimjhim has doubted me for the first time. She says I love 2 people the most. One is Rimjhim and other is.. she recalls her moments with Shiv and says I love Shiv but I can’t tell him tilll I expose Mandira. I am feeling sad that Rimjhim is angry at me. She asks Gauri to help her.

In the morning, Manorama is preparing for Diwali. she gives instructions to Dharam to decorate the house. Rimjhim and Shakti come there. They both stare at each other. Manorama asks what’s going on? Rimjhim says Shakti wants to tell something to you all. Manorama asks what’s going on? Shakti says they have agreed. I mean Keertan is going to bring proposal for Rimjhim with his family. Manorama says I can’t believe that, they are such a rich and respected family, I can’t believe they chose Rimjhim. Shakti says Rimjhim is like no one else, she is loving, she cares about her relationships so they are lucky to get her. Don’t ever say that Rimjhim is less than them. Manorama says I am happy that they are bringing the proposal. She tells Rimjhim that now I am sure that he loves her. Chacha says I am happy. Shakti thinks I can’t tell them that I am not happy with this wedding. Manorama tells Rimjhim that I had this condition because I wanted to protect your heart, if he agreed then it means he loves you. Shakti thinks I had to be silent but I will talk when the right time comes. I have to stop Keertan from coming here. Manorama hugs Shakti and says I have agreed to this proposal because you agreed, if you said no then I wouldn’t have agreed. I know I don’t have to worry about Rimjhim till you are with her. Manorama whispers to her that she will get a proposal soon. Rimjhim thanks Shakti. They all leave. Shakti says I couldn’t hurt my family today.

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Dadi shows bangles to Shiv and says these are for.. Mandira comes there and asks him to go and take his medicines. Shiv says I will take later on, today is special. I should ask Keertan what she likes so we can take gifts. Mandira asks him to go and take medicines. Shiv gets Shakti’s call and leaves. Dadi says Shiv is so happy now.

Rimjhim gets ready. She calls Keertan and says she can’t wait till he brings the marriage proposal. Keertan is angry hearing that. Keertan says who said we are coming there? Rimjhim says Shiv told us, I know you wanted to surprise me but I am so happy that I got my love. She thanks him and ends the call. Keertan tells Koyal that mom is playing a game.

Shakti talks to Shiv and whispers to him but he can’t hear her. Shakti tells him to stop Keertan from coming to their house. Rimjhim comes there and hears that. She says wow.. you are plotting against me behind my back? Shakti says no no.. Rimjhim says why are you trying to hurt me. Shakti says its not like that. Rimjhim says you are unable to see me get better than you, you have proved that we are not real sisters. Shakti is shocked hearing that.

The episode ends.