Shiv Shakti (Zee) 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv confronts Raghunath


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Dadi says that if BholaNath desires then Shakti would not be able to get away from Shiv even after knowing the entire truth and with the passage of time she will come close to him, Dadi asks Shiv to go and tell Shakti the entire truth, Gaytri turns to Shiv while Mandra is furious, Shiv not being able to control himself hugs Dadi, she is also emotional telling Shiv to go, he hugs Gaytri tightly. Mandra exclaims that because of Gaytri Bhabhi her plan has been ruined, she vows to teach her such a lesson this time that she would get locked up in jail but thinks if Shiv tells the truth to Shakti then her life would be ruined, she thinks how would she stop Shiv.

Shiv is running when he hits a nurse causing the tray to fall, Raghunath asks where is he going when Shiv stops Shakti, she asks what happened but he leaves pulling her hand. Ketan wonders what is he planning to do, Raghunath is also tensed so Mandra says she is going to tell the truth. Mandra looks at Gaytri who is coming after her, Mandra thinks Gaytri was trying to be a queen inside but she is going to teach her a lesson right here as Raghunath would be furious with her, he asks Mandra to tell the truth.

Shiv takes Shakti outside when she asks what happened to him, he replies he wanted to talk about something with her but was not able to gather the courage, she asks since when did he have to gather courage to talk to her, Shiv replies they donot need courage to talk to strangers but with those who are close to them and they donot feel bad when hurting others but those who are close to them. Shakti replies Dr Shiv can not inflict pain on anyone since the person who cannot see anyone hurt so how can he harm anyone. Dr Shiv replies Shakti does not know him at all because there is a devil inside him, Shakti asks why does he keep saying this to him and what is hidden in his past that she is not aware of. Shiv starts thinking of his past when Shakti holds his hand asking what happened, Shiv tightly holds her hand informing there is a truth of his past that he wants tot ell her and her life would become hell if she marries him. Shakti tells Dr Shiv that those who love is one sided ruin their life but after marrying him her love will be complete. Dr Shiv replies someone who is himself incomplete how can he complete the love of someone else, Shakti ends the phone which is ringing. Dr Shiv says that he and his family have hid a big truth from her, he is not aware if she will agree to marrying him after this or not but she has to promise him before he reveals the truth. Shakti tells him that she is getting a call from the house so is going to come back very soon, Shakti leaves.

Dr Shiv is standing when his uncle comes asking what is he doing, Shiv says that he wants the wedding to happen with all the rituals then the biggest ritual is the truth and so he is going to tell the entire truth and no one can stop him.

Shakti gets a call from her sister who asks her to come back home right now, she pleads with Shakti to return right now, Shakti thinks that her sister is very tensed but even Dr Shiv wants to talk of something important however she feels something has happened in the house,Shakti leaves on her scooty while Dr Shi tries to stop her saying he wants to tell her something. Mandra comes out of the hospital, exclaiming she had made their Janumkundali and she will be the one to decide what happens in their life, so is going to tell the Chronology of their life, first he will get married to Shakti after which his secret would be revealed and then their marriage will break, Mandra says that even Bhagwan cannot break this chronology as she is not even scared of Bhagwan.

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Shiv wonders where did Shakti leave suddenly and tells his uncle that he would talk to him later. Nandu comes to Shiv telling that Raghunath has taken Gaytri back home and seemed very furious so he fears what if something happens to her, Shiv leaves with Nandu.

Raghunath is pushing Gaytri who requests him to listen to her when he pushes her on the floor, asking if she forgot her place and what she is worth. Raghunath says she is neither the mother of Shiv nor his wife but just a curse that has ruined the entire house and has once again caused something that would ruin everything, Raghunath says that someone who has ruined the relations is going to teach them when he said she would only live in this house if she stays in a corner and will not be allowed to go to the kitchen and even the Mandir, Raghunath vows to make sure she gets taught such a lesson that everyone sees, he angrily removes his belt seeing which even Koyal gets scared. Raghunath mentions he knows how to deal with such people and would teach her such a lesson that she will understand what she is worth, he is slowly walking towards her while she keeps crawling backwards. Gaytri gets scared seeing the couch behind her, Raghunath mentions he is going to end the curse by killing her as because of her the relations in this house have become sour and the life of Shiv has been ruined, Raghunath is hitting Gaytri with the belt but then someone stops the belt which shocks Raghunath, he turns back to see Shiv holding the belt in his hands. Raghunath asks Shiv to let go of the belt but he says it is enough when Raghunath once again demands that Shiv should let it go but when he does not, Raghunath pushes Shiv who falls on the floor, he vows to not let Gaytri get away and tries to hit her but Shiv gets in between them both and pushes Raghunath from his collar against the pillar warning to forget that Raghunath is his father if he tries to raise his hand on his mother, Raghunath is shocked seeing it so he drops the belt from his hands. Shiv says he has seen Raghunath misbehave with his mother for so long and had thought about stopping him but was never able to do it, he says that maa had not made any mistake but Raghunath still kept punishing her but not anymore, he says that if Raghunath thinks his mother is alone then it is not the case as her son is standing by her side as her strength and support so it is enough. Shiv turns to look at Gaytri who is crying while sitting on the floor, he slowly walks to her and hugs her tightly. Shiv helps her stand u while Raghunath is not able to believe it, Shiv says now it is time to reveal the truth of the past and the past wold not be cleaned by hitting his mother but telling the truth and he is going to reveal it, so it is enough. Shiv also wipes of his tears along with that of Gaytri, he asks her to come so they both start walking upstairs towards the room while Raghunath is shocked.

Gaytri while entering the room stops thinking about Raghunath would stop her from even touching Shiv in his sleep, she stops at the entrance when Shiv leans towards her signaling that she can enter, Gaytri finally enters the room, Shiv helps her sit on the bed and even wipes of the tears telling there are not going to be any more tears or suffering, Gaytri talks of Shakti, Shiv says he is going to tell her the entire truth as she has every right to know it, Shiv is worried.