Shiv Shakti (Zee) 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti is hurt knowing Shiv doesn’t love her


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shakti can’t sleep and recalls Mohan telling Shiv that he loves Shakti.. Shakti says Shiv lost his mind hearing the word love.. like he totally changed hearing that. Why would he love me? we have no match.. Manorama is right that our statuses are so different. Love and friendship is done between people of same status.. I don’t deserve Shiv’s love. When Mohan talked about love.. Shiv said he doesn’t love me, he can’t love me, I thought he loves me but when I hugged him mistakenly then he pushed me away, I should have taken the hint then only. She cries and says how could I think there would be something between us. She recalls their moments together and cries. She says its good that he doesn’t feel anything, we will stop seeing each other and then our relationship will end.

Shiv can’t sleep and recalls Mohan’s words that he has started loving Shakti.. He says I shouldn’t have reacted like that, if Shakti find out then she wouldn’t even want to see me again. He says this relationship can’t end like this. Mandira comes there and asks why did he go alone there? Shiv says it was okay and I will have to go there tomorrow for Rimjhim’s function. Mandira says Shakti will be there too.. she gives him medicines. He thanks her and sleeps in her lap. Mandira says I feel bad when you go alone somewhere.. I can’t lose you again like before.. I am just scared for you, I am sorry for acting like your mother. Shiv says you are my mother. He goes to sleep. Mandira smirks and thinks its good that I wasn’t exposed. Radha and Mohan were united but I can’t let Shiv and Shakti get together.. I have to keep Shakti away from Shiv at any cost.

Mandira calls Ranjan and says tomorrow is the first event for you and Shakti.. We have to stop Shiv and Shakti from getting closer. She tells him a plan and he says you are so smart but what if Shiv recognizes me? Mandira says don’t you dare doubt my plan, she ends the call. Mandira says Shakti doesn’t know what will happen in her sister’s haldi function.

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Scene 2
In the morning, Manorama is preparing for haldi ceremony but is worried. Shakti comes there and asks what happened? She says Rimjhim’s pooja couldn’t be completed and he didn’t even break Rimjhim’s fast. She asks if Shiv broke her fast? Shakti recalls that and thinks she will worry.. She says no. Chacha says Ranjan is calling, Shakti puts it on speaker. Ranjan says we will come to your house with shagun for haldi.. Manorama says sure and ends the call. She panics about preparations. Shakti says its their fault, they should have told us beforehand about this ritual. Manorama asks her to stop it. Their aunt Ambika arrives there, all family members greet her. Ambika asks Manorama if Rimjhim will be happy in her inlaws house? Shakti says those people are egoistic so I don’t think so. Manorama asks her to stop it. Ambika asks her if Rimjhim will get her mother in law’s love like a mother? Manorama says Rimjhim will their daughter in law so she can’t be their daughter, I just want them to love her. Ambika says do you think they will love her? I think you should marry her in a house where she is loved like a daughter in law, she says I will be a part of the wedding, she leaves from there. Shakti says she was right, Manorama asks her to stop it and leaves from there. Shakti says I know Manorama is worried about the wedding but I don’t want this haldi ceremony to happen.

The episode ends.