Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv breaks Shakti’s fast


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Scene 1
Manorama tells Shakti that Shiv is not on the friendship stage anymore with her, this stage is called love and they are both on it. The way he looks at you isn’t just a friendly eye, I am telling you to stay away from him otherwise your future will be bleak.. Shakti gets dizzy hearing all that. Manorama worries about her and says please calm down, you didn’t eat anything so go and eat something. She asks Rimjhim to go and break her fast with Ranjan’s hand.

Mandira wipes Keertan’s face and says I am angry at you. Keertan says I was insulting Rimjhim but Shakti came there and slapped me, I couldn’t do anything as the crowd gathered around. Mandira asks what was Rimjhim telling him? Keertan says I don’t know.. something about my mistakes, I am late and whatnot. She asks when did he meet her? Keertan tells her everything. She asks how do you think about Rimjhim? Keertan says she is cheap, senseless and classless. Mandira says we have an opportunity to break Shakti now.. I will make her pay for everything.

Chacha tells Manorama that he can’t find Ranjan and his family, he has to go for the pooja and leaves. Manorama says Ranjan didn’t even break Rimjhim’s fast and left, this is not a good omen. Shakti says maybe he left because he was scared of Shiv? She asks her to shut up and goes to look for him. The priest tells Shakti that its a bad omen to leave the pooja in middle and nobody took parsad. Shakti takes it from him and says I will give it to Manorama. The priest says Shiv left without taking parsad but he did pooja so he should have taken it. Shakti thinks he left because of me, she takes his parsad and says I have to take it to him.. I don’t know why Lord keeps bringing me to him. I don’t know what he wants. She is dizzy but tries to leave.

Shiv has locked himself in the room, Dadi asks what happened? Nandu tells her how Shakti rejected his friendship so he is angry. Shiv is panicking and says she can reject my friendship but how can she talk about dying.. he starts throwing things around. Nandu says he might be having a panic attack.. who will make him fine now? Shakti comes there with parsad. Dadi smiles and whispers she will make him fine. Dadi blesses her, Shakti says I came to take parsad to Shiv, I have to leave. Dadi says he has locked himself in the room and not opening it so help us. Nandu says we have to give medicine to him for his attack.. I mean for his headache. Please ask him to open the door. Shiv is lying on the floor in the room. Shakti knocks on the door and says please open the door, its me Shakti. Shiv is surprised and cleans himself up. He opens the door and smiles at her. They both stare at each other. He welcomes her in. Dadi and others hide. Gayatri smiles seeing that. They leave them alone. Shiv tells Shakti that I knew you would come to me.. you have to become my friend now. Shakti recalls Manorama’s words that they both love each other. Shakti says yes, I had to come. Shiv offers his hand for friendship but Shakti gives parsad to him and says I just came to give this to you. Shiv says then why can’t you become my friend? Shakti says why are you so stubborn? I don’t want to be your friend. Shiv says you are so stubborn too, why can’t you be my friend? if you don’t otherwise I.. Shakti says otherwise you will lock yourself in the room and worry Dadi and Gayatri? you have to move on in life and be healthy. Shiv says why are you lecturing me like a mother? I am just asking for friendship. Shakti says I have to leave now. She starts leaving but is dizzy. Shiv says you have to answer me one thing.. why can’t you be my friend? Shakti is fainting and drops but Shiv holds her and says I am sorry.. I shouldn’t have pressurized you. Shakti opens her eyes and sees herself in his arms. Shiv carasses her face and asks if she is okay? she says yes, I was fasting that’s why.. Shiv says your sugar levels might be low, he picks her up and puts her on the bed. He gives her water and breaks her fast with his hand before she can stop him. Shakti recalls how Manorama asked her to fast so maybe she will find her dreamboy. She stares at him lovingly. Shiv brings parsad and makes her eat with his hands. He checks her pulse. She says I have to go.. Shiv says you can rest, I will bring something to eat. Shakti says I can’t stay back.. Shiv says am I that bad? Shakti says no, you are very nice but I have to go for my family’s function, Radha Didi is arranging an event, she leaves. Mandira hears all that and says is that Radha.. the same? no that can’t be true.

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Shiv is angry and tells Dadi that Shakti didn’t accept my friendship even after coming here. Dadi says you just heard her words but you didn’t read her eyes and actions.. she came here just to give you parsad, worry about you and make sure you don’t do any sin.. this is friendship only. Shiv says I know that but she just doesn’t accept it formally, Dadi says girls are like that, you have to show her many times that you are really her friend and clear all her doubts. Shiv says how will I do that? she is going to another city for an event. Dadi says then you should go behind her and bring her back. Shiv smiles and says you are right, I will make her my friend, I love you. He hugs her and leaves. Mandira sees Shiv leaving and asks where is he going? He says for a good work and leaves. Gayatri tells Dadi that she shouldn’t have let Shiv go alone, he never went out of the city after the incident. Dadi says don’t worry.. maybe this is the chance for him to move on in life.. He went to Vrindavan to meet Shakti. Mandira hears that and is scared and says what if that Radha is same? how can Shakti know her? I have to find out. She can’t unite with that Radha, I have to go to Vrindavan.

The episode ends.