Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama tells Shakti that Shiv fell in love with her


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Scene 1
Shakti prays in the mandir and says please show me the right path and let me find the truth about Ranjan. She starts getting dizzy and Shiv notices that. Rimjhim recalls about Keertan’s words that he liked her. She looks around for him and is about to trip but Manorama and Ranjan hold her. Shakti asks if she is okay? Manorama says everything is okay, she asks Rimjhim to be careful, Shakti says its okay. Ranjan’s mother says she could have dropped the pooja plate. Manorama says but she didn’t so its good. The pooja starts, Shiv tells Nandu that I tried everything but Shakti isn’t listening, now God has to show me a hint otherwise I will just accept her rejrection and leave. He starts leaving sadly but Shakti’s dupatta catches fire, she doesn’t notice it. Shiv turns and sees it, he screams her name and says her dupatta is on fire. Shakti sees that and panics. She tries to take it off but can’t. Shiv runs to her and throws away her dupatta. Shakti is holding pooja plate and it falls in Mata’s feet while Shiv tries to hold it too. They both look at each other while holding the pooja plate. Chacha is surprised. Keertan comes there and sees them close. Chacha asks Shakti if she is okay? he thanks Shiv for saving her life. Shakti says thank you. Shiv says I don’t need that, I want your friendship. Shakti says are you a kid? can’t you understand that I don’t want your friendship.. why do you keep pressurizing me? I don’t want to reject you but you don’t get the hint. If you wanted friendship in return of saving me then you should have just let me die. Shiv shouts to stop it, don’t say that again, if you have a problem with me then fine don’t talk to me, I will not show my face to you anymore but if your relationship was real then Mata would bless it, I won’t come near you again. He tells everyone to not taunt Shakti, she is a very nice girl so don’t you dare. He leaves from there while Shakti is hurt. Bubbly says their drama doesn’t stop, if it happens again then I will break the marriage. Manorama says it won’t happen again. Chacha says lets resume the pooja. Keertan angrily leaves. Rimjhim thinks she needs to talk to Keertan.

Keertan is leaving mandir while crying but Rimjhim comes there and says why are you crying now? you are late. Keertan says a girl made me learn how to romance but now she is romancing with another guy. Rimjhim says it was your mistake, did you forget how you behaved? if you love then how can you hurt like that? Keertan says shut up, do you even know what love is? Rimjhim says yes because I loved too.. Keertan says with whom? Rimjhim says with a loser like you. Keertan says how dare you call me a loser? you are a cheap girl and calling me loser? I don’t even look at girls like you who are down market.. look at who you are talking with. Shakti comes there and slaps him hard. Rimjhim is shocked. Shakti says how dare you talk with my sister like this? you are down market as you don’t even know how to talk to girls. Keertan says how dare you slap me? Shakti slaps him again and says be careful what you say.. I can do anything for people I love. Keertan says I saw that.. he recalls her saving Shiv many times. He says I know you well now. Shakti says good, get lost now. All guests are looking on. Shakti says look at these people, they won’t spare you. A man asks if he is harrassing them? Keertan thinks he will take revenge soon, he angrily leaves. Shakti thanks everyone and they leave. Rimjhim is crying so Shakti hugs her. Ranjan hides and sees all that. Shakti tells Rimjhim to not cry for this Keertan, he doesn’t deserve your love, she takes her from here. Ranjan says Rimjhim loves Keertan who is Mandira’s son? He calls Mandira and says I got to know who is Rimjhim’s lover.. you won’t like it but its your son Keertan only. Mandira is shocked and says what? are you out of your mind? Ranjan says I heard it and why would I lie? Mandira says but Keertan and Shakti.. I mean Keertan hates cheap girls like Shakti and Rimjhim. Ranjan says but I saw them together and love is blind so it can happen with anyone.. like I can’t stop loving Shakti even if she keeps insulting me. Mandira thinks I don’t know why boys keep falling for Shakti. Ranjan says one more thing.. Shakti slapped your son in front of everyone twice. Mandira says he didn’t do anything? Ranjan says he couldn’t as the crowd gathered in favor or Shakti, your son is smart. Mandira ends the call and is fuming in anger.. she says how dare Shakti attack my weakness? she keeps getting strikes in my book, I will not spare her.

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Manorama comes to Shakti and Rimjhim.. she asks what’s going on with you both and Kashyap boys? Shakti says don’t worry.. I have taught a lesson to Keertan, he is so shameless and I don’t like him one bit for Rimjhim. Manorama says I agree. Shakti says I also feel Ranjan isn’t right for Rimjhim, he was hiding from Shiv. Manorama says stop it.. the world doesn’t revolve around your Shiv.. everyone saw you and Shiv together. Shakti says he just saved me. Manorama says you need to control your heart. Shakti says what? Manorama says I can see everything and I know that Shiv fell in love with you too. Shakti says that’s not possible, he just wants to be my friend. Manorama says that point has passed and that fool doesn’t know that he loves you now. Didn’t you see how worried he gets seeing you in trouble? that can’t be just platonic. Shakti recalls how Shiv keeps protecting her. Manorama says the way he looks at you and smiles at you is different from others.. Shakti looks on.

The episode ends.