Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranjan tries to hide from Shiv


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv is talking with Shakti. Ranjan sees her and thinks to hold her hand. Shiv asks Shakti why can’t she be his friend? she doesn’t answer so he says fine, I am miffed with you too, he turns to leave and mistakenly pushes Ranjan away, he falls down and gets hurt. Manorama and others rushe to him. Ranjan’s hand is sprained so Shiv asks if he is okay? Ranjan is scared that he might recognize him. He says I am okay. Shiv says I am sorry, I turned around and bumped into you. Ranjan says its okay, Manorama says let him apologize. Shiv says I am sorry, Ranjan tries to hide from Shiv, Shakti notices that.

Keertan calls Mandira and she asks if he found out who Rimjhim loves? Keertan says no and cries. She asks what happened? Keertan says Shiv is romancing with Shakti openly, he got the position and now Shakti too, I couldn’t get her. Mandira says you are crying over that cheap girl? Keertan says I love her.. I know she is cheap but I keep falling in love with her. Mandira says I will take revenge for making you cry, how dare she, I promise to destroy her but I need your help. He says I will do anything you ask me. Mandira says then find out who is Rimjhim’s boyfriend. He says sure and ends the call.

Rimjhim thinks to go and talk to Keertan as he was crying. She goes out of the mandir and searches for him. She is about to approach him but Manorama comes there and drags her away. She says what are you doing? Rimjhim cries and says I just wanted to talk. Manorama says don’t you remember his insults? you did a mistake but I won’t let you do it again, just get married to Ranjan, she takes her from there.

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Shiv apologizes to Shakti for pushing Ranjan. Shakti gives him hi-five and says you did what I wanted to but couldn’t do it. Shiv is confused. Shakti says sorry, I am taking my hi-five back. Shiv says are you crazy? you keep changing your statements but I remember everything between us. Shakti says we can’t be friends. Shiv smiles at her and says look in my eyes, see my heart and tell me you don’t want to be my friend? Shakti looks in his eyes and says I want to be your friend.. not because.. She sees Ranjan hiding from him. Shiv asks why? Shakti says because you hurt my future brother in law Ranjan, you should apologize to him. Shiv says he was running away from me. Shakti says but still you should apologize. She takes him to Ranjan, he is scared that Shiv might recognize him. Shiv looks at him and says I feel like I saw you somewhere before, Ranjan says you might be confused and tries to leave. He runs away. Shakti tells Shiv that he is not what he seems like. Shiv says I feel like I saw him before. Ranjan tells his brother that Shiv beat him up when he found that Ranjan molested a girl in his office. His brother says if you leave then Shakti will doubt more so lets just do the pooja and then leave.

The pooja starts, Shakti brings Rimjhim there and Ranjan stands beside her. Keertan comes there too. Shakti prays to Mata Rani to show her the right path like Gauri did, she has to find the reality about Ranjan so please help me. Shiv tells Nandu that he has seen this Ranjan somewhere but he doesn’t know where. He sees Shakti getting dizzy and thinks what’s wrong with her?

The episode ends.