Shiv Shakti (Colors) 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv Celerbates Kartikeya’s Birthday


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 8th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Shiv disguised as a common man distributing sweets and toys to kids. A man asks what is the reason for celebration. Shiv says it’s his son’s birthday. A lady says it looks like he loves his son a lot and hence distributing sweets and toys on his birthday. Shiv hugs a kid and recalls hugging baby Kartikeya. He thinks when his motto is complete, he will feed sweets to Kartikeya similarly from his hands. He then plays with kids. Narad says every year Shiv celebrates Kartikeya’s birthday with sweets and toys, but never meets him. Narayan says Parvati easily denied to reveal details when Kartikeya asked who his father is, but Shiv can’t do that and hence he didn’t meet kartikeya since years. Narad says he is right.

Shiv returns to Kailash. Nandi offers him food. Narayan is about to take a bite when Parvati stops him. Shiv asks if she is happy. Parvati says she is very happy after meeting her son, he loves him a lot and is very powerful, he captured Shankchurn with his arrow, she never felt so proud till now. She offers him fruits gifted by his son and says his son sent it with great respect, so she should have only this today. Shiv touches it and asks her to keep it as he will have it later. He eats Nandi’s served food. Parvati says his 12-year-old son sent this bhog with great respect, but him being a creator of the universe is not understanding his son’s mind and rejecting it; it looks like he doesn’t love his son at all. Shiv says Kartikeya sent this bhog to his aradhya and not his father, Nandi and other shiv gan cnosider him as his aradhya and are praying him years before Kartikeya was born, so he can’t disrespect their devotion.

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Parvati apologizes him and says she just saw the situation as a mother and not as a devotee. Shiv says he is concerned with Kartikeya’s devotion as he may stop praying him like a devotee when he learns that he is his father, he just wants his devotees’ devotion. Parvati says Kartikeya will be proud of his father. Nandi asks Mahadev to give Kartikeya time till he grows up. Kartikeya says he doesn’t want to understand anything, he is angry on his father and when he finds who his father is, he will capture his father and bring him in front of shiv and shakti ling; Mahadev has to punish his father then. Surupa tells Kritikas that she fears how will Kartikeya react when he learns that Shiv and Parvati are his parents. Kritikas say they are here to take care of Kartikeya.

Tarakasur’s sons fail to find Shiv’s son. One of them says Shankchurn said he is Shiv devotee, so they shall punish Shiv devotees until that boy comes to save them. They start torturing shiv devotees. Seven Kritikas teach fighting to blindfolded Kartikeya. Tarakasur asks Shukracharya to go and help his sons identify Shiv’s son and kill him. Shukracharya visits Tarakasur’s sons and asks them to free shiv devotees or else they will face shiv’s ire. They say they want to provoke shiv’s son and bring him here. They continue torturing devotees. Kartikeya hears their pleads and heads toward them. Parvati requests Mahadev to save his devotees and son as his son is going towards Tarakasur’s sons who have shiv astra. Tarakasur says once Shiv’s son comes near his son, it’s difficult for him to survive.

Precap: Shukracharya orders Tarakasur’s sons to shoot shiv arrow and kill Kartikeya. Kartikeya challenges them to dare shoot him. Parvati requests Mahadev to save his son.