Shiv Shakti (Colors) 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati asking Ganga to tell Narad that she is returning his gift with respect. Ganga gets sad and takes trishul in her hands. Parvati apologizes to Ganga and says forgive me Didi, now it is the time for Mahadev’s bhog. Ganga nods her head. Narayan tells Himavan that there is no doubt that Parvati has kept your word and tells him that he shall think of her wish too. Narad tells Mainavati that she shall reconsider her decision and tells that Mahadev is in Parvati’s destiny and tells that they can’t change it. He reminds them that Sati had died for women honor. They leave. Mainavati says it is our right to take decision about Parvati, and says we shall start arrangements of her marriage with Vindak. Himavan says we shall respect our daughter’s wish and there must be some reason as Devtas requested us.

Deeti asks Taraka sur to sit on the singhasan. He keeps his foot on the throne. Ganga tells the devis that Parvati refused to marry Mahadev until their parents agree. Saraswati says she is Adi Shakti and respects her parents a lot and obliges them.

Parvati comes to the Shivling. Narad says it seems you are not Shivmey. Parvati says she wants to meet Shiv, and tells that he doesn’t differentiate between the people, and this universe is incomplete without him. She asks how can I meet you. Narad says if you love him then you will meet him surely. Parvati greets Shiv looking at the Shivling and tells that she will worship him always and if she has done any mistake then forgive her. Shiv Aghor hai plays…..

Mainavati says you have given swear to Vind Rajkumar. Himavan says I have given swear to Parvati also, and says she might sacrifice her life like Sati due to your stubbornness. Mainavati gets worried. Taraka sur tells that Guru Shukracharya said that nobody is powerful than Shiv, so I want to become Shiv. Deeti says if you are joking and says it is not easy. Taraka sur says what needs to become Shiv, and tells that he will marry Shakti. He says when Shakti is with him, then he will become Shiv. Deeti says the consequences is dangerous. Taraka sur says I am born to walk on the dangerous path. All the Devis and Devtas come to Himavan and Mainavati. Mainavati agrees to get Parvati marry Shiv, and says we want our daughter’s happiness. She says but I have a condition. Ganga comes to Parvati and says Pita shri and Mata shri agreed for your marriage with Shiv. Parvati gets flashes of hugging Rohini, when she informs Sati about Daksh’s agreeing for her (Sati’s) marriage with Shiv. Mainavati tells Narayan that she wants a promise from him, and tells that Vind Rajkumar will come here after 3 days, and asks him to get Parvati married to Shiv within 3 days, else she will be freed to get Parvati married to Vind Rajkumar.

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Brahma dev says Mahadev is in meditation since years. Mainavati says it is your problem. Narayan gives her boon and says if Mahadev and Parvati don’t get married within 3 days, then you are free to get Parvati married to anyone you wish. Brahmadev tells Narayan that he shouldn’t have given him the boon. Narad says how we will make Mahadev come out of the meditation. Narad says I had told that once Parvati’s parents agree, I have a solution to wake up Mahadev.

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