Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Himavan announces Parvati’s marriage


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati holding the trishul and feels Shiv and her moments. The title song plays……She recalls Narad teaching her about Shiv, he is everywhere. Parvati says she wants to know more. Narad tells her that when the halahal (poison) comes out from the samudra manthan, then he drank all the poison and it got deposited in his neck, which made it turn blue, and that’s why he is called as neelkant. Parvati says a big sacrifice. Narad says that’s why he is Devon ke Dev Mahadev. She recalls Narad asking if she is ready to marry Shiv then he can talk to him about this. Narayan tells Brahmadev and others that they have to talk to Parvati’s parents about her marriage. Himavan tells Mainavati that he will talk to Devis and Devtas about Parvati’s marriage. Mainavati says everyone will be happy to hear about her marriage. Himavan says my daughter has worshipped Shiv so much, that she will get the fruit. Sevak comes there and tells that everyone came. They come to the singhasan. Parvati comes there and thanks everyone for coming there to wish her on her birthday. She thanks her parents for giving her love, motherly love. She says today when I am moving on in life, I would like to thank you all for being supportive to me. Himavan tells that she is my soul, and she didn’t only make me happy, but made my kingdom happy and made me felt proud. He says Parvati likes dance and today she will present her dance performance infront of you all.

Parvati dances holding the trishul surprising everyone. They all say awesome. Taraka sur recalls Narayan fooling him and hitting his head on the wall. He tells Deeti that whenever he sees that girl who will marry Shiv, I will take revenge from her for this pain, and says not even you can stop me. Deeti thinks who will stop Tarak. Just then someone comes there to stop him.

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Ganga says every year on your birthday, you present beautiful dance, and says this year it was awesome and asks if Shiv is the reason for your happiness. Himavan says he wants to talk about Parvati’s marriage. The Rajkumar tells that he is his friend and tells Taraka sur that he will know about the girl soon. Deeti says Mahadev is frozen now, it is not easy to melt him. Himavan announces Parvati’s marriage with Vindak. Vindak invites Taraka sur to his wedding. Taraka sur asks who is that lucky girl. Himavan tells that Parvati will marr Vindak after 2 days. Devi, Devtas, Ganga and Parvati get upset. Himavan invites everyone. Parvati looks on sad.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that the word is not just a sound, and not made of many sounds, but its power and light is immense and it is upto us to use it, and asks the people to talk and choose words wisely.

Precap: Ganga asks Himavan to ask Parvati whom she wants to marry. Mainavati asks Parvati what is more important to her. Parvati says I wish to marry Shiv, but it is not my decision. She decides not to marry Shiv to keep word of her father. Narad questions her and says it seems you never became of Shiv.